SnapApp of the Week: Bryant Bank’s ’13 Bryant Trivia Challenge

September 13, 2013 | Dan Trefethen

Here at SnapApp, we love seeing the amazing, creative content that our customers build using SnapApp. From photo contests and bracket competitions to giveaways and sweepstakes, the SnapApps our customers  build everyday continue to amaze us. Each week, our account managers will introduce you to one of the SnapApps we can’t stop talking about around the office.————————————————————————————————————

BryantSplashIt’s that time of year again—get your beers and buffalo chicken dip out—football’s on!  Everybody loves a little friendly competition.  You have your pools in the office, fantasy league at home, and now you even have Bryant Bank’s weekly trivia challenge.

Competition Drives Lead Submissions and Shares

Winning the spread takes luck but scoring 100% on an 11-question, timed trivia takes a truly dedicated fan.  Bryant Bank capitalizes on the competitive spirit that surrounds football season and engages fans across the web.  Each week, a new round of trivia is posted on their Facebook page with strong call-to-actions like “Become a trivia legend” and “Compete against college football fans for bragging rights and prizes.”  This not only challenges visitors to engage with content and prove their fandom—which is clearly effective with an 83% lead submissionBryantLeaderBoard rate—but also encourages them to challenge their friends across social media.  Since the start of the season, Bryant Bank has seen a tremendous 14% share rate of their content featuring the #bryanttrivia hashtag, driving new fans to their page.

Customers Showcased on Leaderboard

Once the challenge is complete, the respondent is prompted to fill out a form including providing a username which, if they have one of the highest scores, will be featured in the leaderboard for that round.  Bryant takes advantage of this form and also gives the respondent the opportunity to opt-in to receive their newsletter—25% of the leads collected so far have signed up!  Following each round, Bryant continues to post contests around the trivia to keep fans excited and coming back from more.  Fantastic play, Bryant Bank!

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