SnapApp Of The Week: Random House’s Destination ‘Inferno’ Quiz

July 18, 2014 | SnapApp Marketing

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Unravel The Mysteries Of ‘Inferno’ But With An Added Twist

If you have ever read one of author Dan Brown’s best-selling novels – most prominently The Da Vinci Code – you know that he enjoys keeping his readers on their toes. As his characters find their way through Brown’s scavenger hunts around the world, searching for historical clues, ancient relics, and archaic artwork, fans have also been intrigued by finding the author’s hidden messages and symbolism included within his texts. Brown’s newest novel, Inferno, is no different as readers are prompted to work through their own riddles while observing the protagonist’s journey.


Random House, Dan Brown’s longtime publisher, decided to incorporate this same idea into a recent SnapApp. Disguising this experience as a straight-forward trivia quiz regarding the historical sites and monuments referenced in Inferno, Random House added a special bonus question at the end of the quiz. The bonus question explains that symbols have been placed throughout the previous pages of the quiz which form a secret code. This code can then be submitted on Dan Brown’s website for a special reward. It would be tough to find a better way to engage fans of this literary genre than to use interactive content to cleverly turn them into their favorite symbolist, ‘Inferno’ protagonist Robert Langdon!

Fans Have Been Eager To Crack The Code

In less than two weeks, Random House’s Inferno quiz has generated: – 102 social media shares, driving 4,312 unique viewers to this quiz – Over 1,700 referral visits to Dan Brown’s website via the SnapApp – Over 350 lead form submissions

Creativity Is Key When Building Engaging Marketing Content

This SnapApp has been effective and is an intriguing use case for a number of reasons. The aesthetic design is both attractive to the user and relevant to the branding of the novel. Each question is challenging and every page includes a new image of a beautiful Italian landmark or work of art. However, the most intriguing part of this quiz is how Random House used outside-the-box thinking to leverage the SnapApp platform in a unique and engaging way that speaks directly to Dan Brown’s mystery-loving, code-crushing, fan base.

Visit Dan Brown’s Facebook Page To See If You Can Crack The Code!

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