SnapApp of the Week: Valspar/Lowes “Color Studio Summer Palette Studio Quiz”

SnapApp of the Week: Valspar/Lowes “Color Studio Summer Palette Studio Quiz”

Here at SnapApp, we love seeing the amazing, creative content that our customers build using SnapApp. From photo contests and bracket competitions to giveaways and sweepstakes, the SnapApps our customers build everyday continue to amaze us. Each week, our account managers will introduce you to one of the SnapApps we can’t stop talking about around the office. —————————————————————————————————— It’s safe to say that the colors and hues of our surroundings affect each individual's mood differently. For example, people are more likely to be happy on a day with bright blue skies as opposed to one that’s gloomy and grey. Bearing that notion in mind, Valspar and Lowe’s have partnered to produce seasonal color studio palette engagements that reveal color suggestions reflective of respondent’s personalities.

High Completion Rate Reflects Effective Approach

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Several thousand content views and clicks for this summer’s Studio Palette Quiz puts its activity on par with the other seasonal engagements Lowe’s and Valspar have published over the past year.  In order to achieve optimal results and prevent drop-offs, the brands took a tactical approach by limiting the number of questions within the engagement to four and displaying all of the questions on the same page. The 95% app completion rate suggests the length and content were effective, with participants eager to find out how their preferences for summer activities gave way to their result.

CTAs Drive Real-Time SalesApp Result Example

Along with receiving a palette result, several calls-to-action prompt the respondent to visit related pages where they can purchase paint samples at their nearest Lowe’s location. The above-average click-through rate on link outs brought over 4,500 respondents to sample pages. Interestingly, I found that several of the paint samples associated with the engagement’s results were sold out in all of my area stores. Coincidence? We’ll have to track the patterns of the Fall Palette Quiz to find out…

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