SnapApp Of The Week: Which Spur Are You?

June 12, 2014 | SnapApp Marketing

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San Antonio News Channel Shows You Which Spur You Are


The 2014 NBA Finals are in full swing, and basketball fans everywhere are eagerly waiting to see whether LeBron James and the Miami Heat are going to win their third consecutive championship or if the veteran San Antonio Spurs are going to win one more ring before Tim Duncan possibly hangs up his jersey forever.

So in light of all the excitement surrounding this final series, Sinclair Broadcasting’s San Antonio news affiliate, FOX 29, wanted to engage local basketball fans with an interactive personality assessment related to their hometown team.

By asking a series of fun questions, users discovered which Spurs player they relate to the most. Do you love chocolate chip cookies? So does Tim Duncan! Is your favorite color Green? That could be just one of the things that you have in common with NBA All-Star Tony Parker.spurs_result

Spurs Fans Weighed In

Spurs fans and FOX 29’s web visitors showed significant engagement with this piece of interactive content. During the first week, this assessment generated:

–  Over 24,000 impressions and 16,000 Clicks

–  1243 social media shares brought 1800 new visitors for FOX 29’s website

SnapApp’s assessment content type have the ability to provide users with a result based on either personality questions or numerical ranges. Range assessments are great because builders have the flexibility to assign individual values to each answer choice for every question. The cumulative total of these values will then place users within distinct ranges of the builder’s choosing, which determine the user’s end result.

Either assessment type is excellent for engaging users with an entertaining interactive experience or for learning more about potential customers. More times than not, SnapApp customers will accomplish both!  

Which San Antonio Spur Are You? Find Out Now!

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