SnapApp Summer School: Better Marketing Campaign Planning in 5 Weeks

June 10, 2016 | Dan Trefethen

“Smarter summers. Brighter futures,” is the official slogan of the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), a non-profit devoted to increasing summer learning opportunities for students. Here at SnapApp, we couldn’t agree more.

With summer upon us – the sun scintillating on the horizon, the smell of sunscreen, late and long twilights – it can be easy to push off your fall marketing campaign planning and just, you know, lay in the grass all day.


But modern marketers really don’t have that luxury right now. According to this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit, there’s been 32% more B2B content produced than just two years ago , and your audience is well aware of it. So much material to review, and only so much time in the day. 

This is why we’re excited to announce the SnapApp Summer School program – a free and flexible series of courses that will help prepare modern marketers to beat the content crush for their fall campaigns.

If you really want to generate more leads, extend content campaign life, or create powerful scoring models – it’s time to hit the books and learn where interactive content can take you.

By signing up for Summer School, you’ll get one insightful email a week over five weeks. Don’t worry – these are not offer or promo emails. Each email will be a powerful mini course in how to conquer your upcoming fall campaign goals.

5 Courses on Marketing Campaign Planning

  • Nothing is needed on your end. Just sign up and you’ll learn…
  • Tips and tricks to creating exciting content your audience will get excited about
  • How to extend and expand your current campaigns
  • How to provide sales with the leads they actually want
  • What is interactive content and the impact it can have on your programs
  • The know-how on getting started with interactive content

But what about the beach? We’ve thought about that. Summer School is completely at your own pace, no specific times to block off or places to be. So you can still enjoy your summer while preparing for strong fall campaigns.

Sign up for SnapApp Summer School here!


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