SnapApp of the Week: Atmel’s Simply AVR Video Contest

SnapApp of the Week: Atmel’s Simply AVR Video Contest

Here at SnapApp, we love seeing the amazing, creative content that our customers build using SnapApp. From photo contests and bracket competitions to giveaways and sweepstakes, the SnapApps our customers build everyday continue to amaze us. Check out our latest example of a SnapApp we just can’t stop talking about around the office.

For companies offering highly technical products and services, it can be challenging to create content that captivates, entertains, and sticks with their audience. As thought leaders within the microcontroller space, Atmel was looking for an inventive way to build awareness around their product without creating another static piece of content.

The team wanted to fully engage their audience while building recognition of the Atmel brand, technology, and products – without using expensive custom development.

The Contest

Using SnapApp, the team was able to design a user-generated video contest targeted towards engineers, marketers, and hobbyists designing electronic products. The contest challenged participants to develop ground-breaking microcontrollers using Atmel’s AVR technology. Participants filled out a lead form embedded within the SnapApp (and integrated with Atmel’s Eloqua marketing automation system) to submit their video entry and enter the contest, generating potential leads for the Atmel sales team.

Atmel distributed the Simply AVR contest across their email database, website, blog, and social media channels. Atmel used Twitter hashtags to help their audience connect to new entries (#SimplyAVR and #8bitideas). The contest was promoted on social networks several times in an effort to drive as much traffic as possible.


The contest gathered over 218,000 votes, largely thanks to “going viral” within the community – 165,337 visitors were referred through social channels. On average, every social share directed 1,900 more visitors to the contest – a 67% viral boost percentage. During the first phase, 129 innovative engineers submitted a video entry of their inventions into the contest. When Atmel expanded the contest to include China, entries rocketed to more than 400.

This campaign helped humanize the AVR brand, involved storytelling, and had a strong people-to-people connection – creating heroes within the industry. Atmel set out to achieve a very specific initiative for a specialized and complex product. Rather than creating a static piece of content to disperse across their database, they successfully developed an extremely creative way of achieving their goal. Not only did this campaign accomplish the business objectives it intended to, it achieved global engagement and interactivity, giving it even more leverage in the marketplace.

The winning design was an Internet of Things (IoT) Atmel ATmega2560-powered robot. Programmed with Atmel Studio 6.2, the winning IoT (Internet of Things) robot runs in three modes including Wi-Fi via an Android application, object-tracking mode and MIMIC mode via TCP/IP. Nearly 116,000 votes came in for this winning design!

The campaign was so successful in helping generate awareness, interest, and subsequently design-ins on AVR microcontrollers, that the team will be kicking off another round of a similar design contest on this and other product lines in the next couple of months.

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