SnapApp of the Week: Blackbaud’s Realize Real Results Campaign

March 6, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

What do you do when you have a flood of stories from customers about how training has helped them make the most of their technology investment?

A. File them away for when you “have time to review them.”

B. Turn a few into case studies, if you can get the customers on the phone

C. Build an interactive campaign that highlights the customers’ success and encourages others to think about how their own missions could be helped by the same kind of success

For the marketers at Blackbaud University, the obvious answer (of course) was “C.” More than 200 qualified leads just five weeks into the program says they made the right choice.

Blackbaud University is a powerful resource for non-profits looking to get the most out their technology. Blackbaud’s education services division offers training from courses on specific technology all the way up to technology-agnostic industry best practices that help organizations make sure their staff is successful in every aspect of their work.

The Challenge

Training has a tremendous impact on Blackbaud University’s customers, and this highly engaged and vocal group has flooded the marketing team with responses to the question, “How has training impacted your organization?” The challenge for Emily Popson, Blackbaud University’s demand generation marketer, was how to turn those stories into impactful marketing.

“We have so many stories of incredible results – increased revenue, time savings, improved efficiency,” Popson says. “Now what do we do with all of this?”

Popson knew she wanted to bring those successes front and center, as inspiration to other non-profits and validation of the impact of training.

“My goal was to market with a Noble Purpose, putting non-profits and their successes first and showing other non-profits these real examples of #BBUResults to illustrate how they can replicate that success to achieve their own missions.”

Instead of going the typical case study route, the team wanted to develop a campaign that allowed them to learn even more about their audiences. Creating a two-way dialog, the secret sauce of a true partnership with non-profits, required a program that was interactive and integrated with Blackbaud’s marketing automation and CRM systems.

“Each non-profit is so unique, but what they all share is a constant desire to be doing more, helping more,” Popson says. “We wanted to identify exactly how our team of non-profit and technology experts can help them, just as we have for their peers.”

The Solution

Given those requirements, SnapApp was the obvious choice for Popson’s “Realize Real Results” program, launched in early 2015. The Blackbaud team developed two calculators and an assessment that worked in tandem to give participants a comprehensive view of what Blackbaud University could do for them. The interactive approach gives prospects a way to visualize how they would benefit from training and even “try on” their peers’ results for size by applying them to their own organizations.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.49.39 PM.png

The three SnapApps – “Save 20 Minutes”; “Work Smarter, Not Harder”; and “Increase Annual Giving by 20%” encourage organizations to imagine how these results could impact their programs. What can you do with 20 extra minutes every day? What would a boost in annual giving look like for you? Is your team working as efficiently as they could be?

The SnapApps live on a Realize Real Results microsite alongside related assets, including ebooks, videos and infographics. It’s a full suite of information and inspiration that lets customers decide what they need, and provides Blackbaud University with insight on what is interesting to them.

The Results

Popson promoted Realize Real Results on several channels, including blog posts, emails, social networks and paid media. She attributes the exceptional engagement rates to the interactive content: Blackbaud saw a 52% click rate on the microsite and a 56% lead conversion rate for Realize Real Results.

In the first five weeks, the campaign has identified more than 200 qualified leads for the sales process. Emily and the Blackbaud team were able to realize real results of their own by opening a two-way conversation with customers and using interactive content to engage and collect data on what resonated with this group.

To sum it all up, Blackbaud puts it simply:

Your nonprofit peers saw incredible results in 2014.
Stop imagining and start realizing real results with Blackbaud University.

So I’m going to mirror that statement with this:

It’s time for you to stop imagining and start realizing real results like these with interactive content. 

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