SnapApp’s New Product Release, Canopy: A Whole New Habitat for Creating Interactive Content

February 27, 2017 | SnapApp Marketing

Today is the day – the latest SnapApp release has launched, and it’s beautiful!  

Through countless conversations with our customers and a wide assortment of marketers, we gathered up the feedback and aimed the Canopy release at one key objective: making interactive content creation as easy as possible.

Why? Because we want to enable marketers to unleash their true potential, and start connecting with their audiences more effectively. In order to do that, we want any technical hurdles or creative roadblocks to be moved out of the way.

A sneak peak:

So what’s new?

Easier navigation: Menus now feature quicker and more direct access to each area in the platform, and a clearer app creation workflow.

Faster content creation: Choosing a content type and getting started is easier than ever with SnapApp Launchpad, where you can visually scroll through designed themes and content types.

More intuitive layout: An updated builder makes creating new app pages more intuitive, while the layout of setting menus and formatting bars makes it easier for users to quickly find the components and tools they need to build and fully customize interactive content.

Clearer settings: Configuration menus and the publish process have been cleaned up to make it clearer where settings are and their functions.

Enough reading!

Let’s see the new platform in action with a walk through by the designer himself:


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