Success Through Native Advertising And Sponsored Content – Min Content Summit Recap

May 22, 2014 | snap_press | Link

Min’s Content Marketing And Innovation Summit brought some of the brightest and most influential people in the media and publishing industry to The Yale Club in New York City on May 20th, to discuss the most important issues and opportunities that impact ad revenue and growth. While there were many themes, opinions, theories and ideas being discussed throughout the one-day summit, one constant remained the same – the need to engage in a dialogue through content that’s delivered across various channels.

Deeper Dialogues Support Relevance And Context

There’s nothing more relevant than giving someone exactly what they asked for, even when they didn’t ask for it. Think about the impact that can have on the value of your brands’ perception – pretty powerful if you ask me! Once you’ve figured out how your brand can add value, it will yield relevance. You can accomplish that by creating shorter pieces of content that cuts through the noise such as polls and surveys, knowledge tests and quizzes, and assessments. Not only that, your content must also deliver an experience that engages and delights the user; one that builds a dialogue, not a monologue. Once that dialogue begins, you will be able to collect valuable information that will allow you to deliver relevant content in a context that is specific to each individual person.

Native Advertising, Sponsored Content, or Branded Content – One And The Same

Some people prefer to use the term native advertising when trying to sell ad space. Others feel the term ‘native advertising’ should be banned and sponsored content should be used in its place. And others want to take it a step further by referring to it as branded content instead. No matter what term you use or in what context you use it, the companies that are advertising on your site only care about one thing – engagement. Whether you’re telling an extraordinary story in the form of a knowledge test or quiz on your blog or encouraging interaction through a poll or survey you’ve created for your website, you still need to reach and engage an audience that is increasingly being deluged with content. By utilizing interactive content apps, you can quickly and seamlessly build and publish engaging content experiences that help increase pageviews, time-on-site and ultimately, ad revenue. —

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