The Summer Intern Marketing Experience: A SnapApp Intro

The Summer Intern Marketing Experience: A SnapApp Intro

I’ve always loved to write, but I never quite knew how to make a career out of it.

Back when I was young—which means about a year ago—I thought the only way to really utilize one’s writing skill was to write for something like a newspaper or magazine. If you knew how to write, you wrote for your local paper or you wrote a novel. Case closed.

Given those industries are struggling as they adjust to our dynamic society, though, I gave up on those options as potential employment opportunities. As I neared the close of my undergraduate years, I started thinking about my other options.

Luckily, though, this past fall, I was forwarded an email from Jay Acunzo, vice president of platform at NextView Ventures, a venture capital firm located in Boston. He was seeking content marketing interns to help grow NextView’s editorial platform over the course of a few months. Though I hadn’t even heard of content marketing at the time, I knew how to write, so I applied for the position and was accepted.

In just a few months with Jay, I learned the nuances of the startup industry and much of the terminology already so common to so many people. I got to pick the brains of some of the most prominent founders in the area, like Whoop CEO Will Ahmed, learning about the moves that positioned him to succeed. I had a great five months at NextView, and Jay connected me with SnapApp to put me in the position I’m in today.

One of the most valuable things that I learned under Jay was how to break down seemingly complex topics related to the startup industry and weave a meaningful, easy-to-read narrative for the audience.

You have to strip away all of the industry jargon, analyzing a subject at its most basic and understandable level, to fully grasp the concept. That’s true with a variety of different subjects, but it especially holds true here.

Although I was writing for a slightly different audience at NextView and covering slightly different topics, the crux of my work at SnapApp will remain the same.


I am here to (hopefully) serve the SnapApp community by demystifying interactive content and outlining its benefits for any company. I will do that through expert interviews in our Tuning Fork series, weekly roundups of the freshest and most applicable marketing content on the web, and any other way we feel you might benefit.

Obviously, I’m still new at this, so it feels sort of funny to be writing about things that are likely just as new to me (or perhaps even newer) than the people reading what I write. Learning under some of the best in the business, I anticipate that I’ll learn pretty quickly.  

I’m excited to be at SnapApp for the next few months. I’m excited to teach, to learn, and to exchange ideas with this community. I’m excited to get started, so let’s get this show on the road.

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