Super Psyched About the Snappys

September 4, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

You may have heard that we recently launched the Snappys — our geniusly-named, first-ever customer awards.

But what you may not have heard about is how personally ecstatic I am about the Snappys. So ecstatic that I asked for the opportunity publish a blog post so I can proclaim my excitement.

Why am I so excited?

I’ve spent several years working across our ever-evolving customer base and continue to be amazed by the great content I see produced. And now, instead of spinning around in my chair, my laptop on my knees, just to show my team a genius new example of interactive content, I can spin around in excitement and say, “Check this out! This should be submitted for a Snappy!”

Needless to say, the CSM working with that particular account already knows about the campaign soup-to-nuts, and replies with some sort of “I know, Ali…” or “I’ve already told them” — responding in the kind of tone they’d use if I told them I just discovered my car had heated seats. I’m typically a little late to the party…

I think the reason I’m so excited is because the Snappys are giving us another venue to publicly praise and reward our customers for their success using our platform. Case studies and SnapApps of the Week are great, but I’ll take as many opportunities to tell you all how awesome you are as I can get.

The Snappys are for everyone

SnapApp success wears no uniform — it’s diverse. Some of our customers create incredible individual SnapApps; others run lengthy integrated campaigns combining interactive and static assets. And still others are somewhere in between. The Snappys gives clients a chance to step back, look at their work, and proudly submit their application to be acknowledged and gain coveted bragging rights as they go down in SnapApp interactive content history.

So, for any SnapApp customer reading this who hasn’t yet applied, I encourage you to click here and do so right away – because entries are due September 19th.

Not sure what to apply for?

Contact me or your Customer Success Manager – we’d love to chat about it!

Apply Now!

The Snappys

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