Time To Get Marketing Fit: Bootcamp Style

July 23, 2014 | Dan Trefethen

Tired of your same, old marketing content but don’t know what else to try? After all, how many white papers, data sheets, and webinars can you create?  Join SnapApp’s marketing bootcamp to get out of your marketing funk and try something new!

Marketing Bootcamp is a great opportunity to tune-in and focus on your marketing campaigns and reevaluate your content. Discover what’s working for YOU and how to optimize it! Additionally, our bootcamp will expose you to many different types of content so you can get a “cross-fit” experience.

Why Choose Marketing Bootcamp?

  • [Learn Something New] You will learn something. It’s easy to “hear” best practices, but it’s a lot harder to put them into action. Marketing bootcamp will lay out a step-by-step approach so that, once a day, you can FOCUS on content marketing.
  • [Explore New Content Types]You will learn about new content types. Did you know that interactive content generates lead conversions at 2x the rate of passive content? Our bootcamp will dive into what interactive content is and how it can work for you.
  • [Get Some Fresh Air] You get to enjoy some fresh air! Okay, maybe just fresh marketing air. For 5 days, you will get fresh content and ideas to help you brainstorm for the rest of 2014 and beyond. Get out of your marketing box and stretch your creative limbs!
  • [Maximize Your Time] You will have time. Our program takes the busy schedules of marketers into account. Over a course of 5 days, we will provide 5 highly informational, yet quick and easy to read, emails to get you thinking about your marketing programs.
  • [Have Fun] You will have fun! Marketing should be fun! This bootcamp will be too.

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