16 Demand Gen Training Opportunities Guaranteed to Up Your Game

July 10, 2018 | Kaleigh Moore

Demand generation is a rapidly evolving field — just a few years ago brands were still largely focusing on traditional outbound marketing strategies. Terms like inbound marketing and demand generation seemed more like buzzwords than actual marketing strategies. Fast forward to 2018 and suddenly 70% of marketing professionals are allocating more money towards creating demand gen campaigns, with more than one-third of marketers planning to increase spending by more than 20%.  

Running an effective demand generation campaign means you need to stay current with changes in the industry. And if you’re like us, there just isn’t enough time to religiously read all the great content that pours into your inbox to know what’s working and what’s not.

So we set out to compile a list of the top training resources that we guarantee will up your demand gen game, so you don’t have to sort through the thousands of emails cluttering your gmail promotions tab to find the best training. Check out the list of the top blogs, conferences, books, and courses that can help get you up to speed below.

Demand Gen Blogs to Study


If you want to stay up-to-date with news and trends in marketing tech and campaign optimization, bookmarking DemandGen’s blog is a must. Full of valuable tips to help organizations optimize their digital marketing journeys, DemandGen covers everything from upcoming events to in-depth guides on how to get the most out of demand marketing.

Evolution of demand gen over the past decade



(Hey, that’s us!) Here at SnapApp we specialize in developing interactive content designed to help marketers increase leads, to optimize the buyer’s journey, and to generate more awareness and interest around products and services. As a result, our blog content focuses on different ways marketers can optimize content in order to achieve better results. The SnapApp blog content contains a balance of innovative strategies, graphs and statistics from some of the most respected analysts in the industry, as well as case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of interactive content.  


Blizible’s blog is great for anyone looking for actionable strategies to improve their demand gen campaigns. Bizible offers insights into marketing trends alongside step-by-step guides designed to boost growth and awareness. Unlike other leading marketing blogs that also look at different marketing strategies, Bizible goes a step beyond and demonstrates how to seamlessly implement strategies and hack growth as a result. For this reason, Bizbile’s content looks more like it’s suited for a demand gen marketer’s handbook than an actual blog.



Marketo specializes in creating marketing applications that enhance the channel of communication between brand and customer, which helps optimize engagement campaigns and improve the way companies interact with their audience. As a result, its blog content focuses primarily on how to build better relationships with customers, as well as how to drive leads across platforms to create brand loyalty. A great resource for all types of marketing campaigns, Marketo specifically speaks to demand gen teams by demonstrating how social interactions can be used to create buzz and generate awareness around a product.

Demand Gen Conferences to Attend

SiriusDecisions Summit

The soon-to-be 14th annual SiriusDecisions Summit is one of the most widely-anticipated marketing events of the year where more than 3,200 industry professionals gather to share tips and techniques relating to sales and marketing. Offering the best of networking and demand gen strategies, this event is ideal for anyone looking to stay current with marketing trends employed by top forward-thinking companies.


Forrester B2B Marketing Forum

Forrester’s B2B Marketing Conference gives marketers the opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in the industry while learning actionable ways to enhance their demand gen strategies. Here, you can learn about ways to engage with customers and attract more attention to your brand from some of the most respected names in the industry.



MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum

MarketingProfs hosts the B2B Marketing Forum, a place where top minds in B2B marketing get together to discuss innovative marketing strategies. But what makes this conference especially great isn’t just its actionable advice–it’s the environment. Enjoy networking with marketing professionals in an informal, relaxed environment that encourages creativity and fun-loving behavior.



DemandGen Summit

If you can only go to one demand gen event this year, make it the DemandGen Summit hosted by B2BMX. This conference is one of the few marketing forums that specifically caters to the needs of demand gen marketers, which means you’ll benefit from content that’s designed especially to help you with driving awareness and creating attention around products, services, and brands. Moreover, this conference specifically caters to marketing executives, so the material presented focuses primarily on demand and lead generation – as the title suggests.


Demand Gen Books to Read

Driving Demand; Transforming B2B Marketing to Meet the Needs of the Modern Buyer by Carlos Hildago


This book is perfect for any B2B organization looking to implement a solid demand gen strategy from the ground up. Author Carlos Hidalgo combines case studies with textbook-style material to help the reader gain a deeper understanding of demand generation and how it can be used to enhance their overall marketing strategy. Filled with actionable tips and helpful advice to help boost demand and optimize leads, this book does an excellent job of mapping out a solid marketing strategy while highlighting key mistakes organizations commonly make when implementing an inbound marketing plan.



The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge


In this book, Mark Roberge takes a data-driven approach to sales and inbound marketing. Perfect for the marketer who dares to step outside of the conventional norms, The Sales Acceleration Formula shows how data, technology, and a little bit of forward thinking can help companies boost sales, accelerate lead conversation, and attract more attention to their goods and services.


Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount


Fanatical Prospecting is all about unpacking and deconstructing popular marketing strategies in order to come up with a better solution to sales and demand generation. Reading this book will help you to gain better insight into the “dos and don’ts” of marketing. Fanatical Prospecting delivers step-by-step methods on how to generate attention and grow your brand using methods successfully employed by author, Jeb Blount.


New Rules of Lead Generation by David Scott


Being a successful marketer is about more than creating clever content and boosting engagement rates – it’s also about keeping up to date with trends in the industry. Marketing specialist, David Scott, highlights the importance of keeping a fresh marketing strategy in his book New Rules of Lead Generation. Here, readers can learn how to spearhead growth and optimize their awareness campaigns through a mixture of tried-and-true methods and innovative marketing strategies.


Demand Gen Courses To Complete

Demand Generation Level 2: Online Marketing Institute

The Online Marketing Institute offers a number of online courses on digital marketing, including their Demand Generation course. Suitable for both beginner level and advanced marketers, this course teaches the importance of demand generation and how it can be used in conjunction with social media and web-based marketing strategies in order to attract visitors and create more awareness around your brand.  

Lead Generation: Lynda.com

Part of LinkedIn Learning, Lynda.com offers a number of massive open online courses (MOOC) on digital marketing. Everything from social media engagement to Google AdWords training is covered in these courses, making it great for anyone looking to sharpen their digital marketing skills. The “Become a Content Marketer” feature in “Learning Paths” provides users with nine hours of videos and coursework designed to help marketing professionals learn how to create successful content and demand generation campaigns.

Demand/Lead Generation: MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is offering a 13-class course on demand and lead generation for less than $200. Here, you can learn how to build an effective demand gen campaign using your CRM and marketing automation tools. The content in this course consists of lectures recorded in MP3 format, streaming videos, and lecture notes and resources in PDF format. Course material can be accessed on your computer and over mobile devices, making it easier for you to squeeze a demand generation course into your already-busy schedule.

Customer Acquisition Bootcamp

This course is run by business growth consultancy Next Leap Strategy and covers various marketing strategies to help B2B companies boost sales and marketing performance. More than just a course on demand generation, Customer Acquisition Bootcamp looks at how various methods and marketing tools can be used to enhance every aspect of a digital marketing campaign from the ground up.


Start Learning & Improving Your Demand Gen Efforts

There you have it – our list of the top demand gen resources. If you’re new to demand gen or looking to brush up on your marketing strategies and gain a different perspective, this list can help you build an effective marketing campaign that’s optimized for 2018 and beyond.

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