Transform Your Webinar Registration Page into an Experience That Qualifies Leads

April 9, 2019 | Elizabeth Rivelli

These days, it would be tough to find a marketer who doesn’t rely on webinars as part of their demand generation strategy. Statistically speaking, over 70 percent of B2B marketers and salespeople say that webinars are the most effective channel for generating quality leads. Not to mention, the average webinar attendee spends 61 minutes listening to your presentation, according to GoToMeeting. With that kind of engagement, webinars are a great channel for elevating your thought leadership, educating your audience, and demonstrating how your product or service can help your attendees get better business results.

Identify Qualified Leads Before Your Webinar Begins

When you start to plan a new webinar, what are the things that come to mind? Maybe it’s the content of your presentation, finding compelling visual elements, or recruiting an engaging presenter who can sell your message effectively. But while killer slides are definitely important, that alone won’t fill sales’ pipeline with quality leads. So how can you use webinars to not only engage your audience, but to find leads that your sales team will love? By adding lead-qualifying questions to your webinar registration experience using SnapApp.

Typical webinar registration pages provide virtually no context about who your attendees are, beyond their name, email, and company. But with SnapApp, marketers can use their registration process to have a conversation with your leads and uncover key insights for sales. Ask your attendees about their goals for the quarter, specific challenges, team structure, or budget size. When sales has access to that information before getting on the phone with a lead, they can personalize their conversation and provide relevant content, even if the lead ended up being a no-show for the webinar.

Generate Insights for Effective Follow Up

If you’ve ever registered for one of SnapApp’s webinars, you’ve seen how qualifying questions complement the typical information required upon sign up. When planning our own presentations, we like to use questions to get our audience involved in the content so it feels customized and relevant to the different roles under the marketing umbrella. You might see questions like, “What topics do you want to learn about in our webinar?” or “Do you have any specific questions we can answer during the presentation?” Based on that information, we can better understand what challenges you face, areas you’re trying to improve, and if our product  is the right solution to help you get results.

When prospects sign up for you webinar, ask your attendees what drew them to register in the first place. Find out what led them to your landing page, whether it was through LinkedIn, a paid campaign, or a CTA in your latest blog post. Use your registration experience to gather key insights about your leads, send the most promising ones to sales, and put the rest in a nurture program.

Close More Deals and Drive Revenue

So before planning your next webinar, consider using a lead qualifying experience in place of your standard registration form. Both your sales team and your prospects will benefit. A sign-up page with qualifying questions is a more effective way of understanding who your attendees are, where they are in the sales funnel, and if your product or service can solve their pain points.

On the flip side, your prospects help curate your webinar content so they’ll feel more inclined to tune in and get answers to their questions. Your webinar becomes more personalized and educational, rather than a generic sales pitch. Prove the value of marketing by sending sales quality leads from your pool of registrants, and together, drive revenue and grow the business.

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