Two new features added to SnapApp: Score Range quizzes and apps with multiple questions per page

October 7, 2011 | SnapApp Marketing

Yesterday, we added two great new features to SnapApp that have been frequently requested by our customers.

  1. A new type of quiz called a Score Range quiz, where each answer choice is assigned a numerical score, and the result is determined based on sum of the user’s points. You can use this type of quiz with right and wrong answers and use Pass/Fail, grades or levels as results. You can also use Score Range quizzes to do personal assessments (e.g., “How healthy is your relationship on a scale of 1 to 100?”).
  2. The ability to display more than one question on a single page of a quiz. Now there is a control you can use to allocate questions among the pages of your quiz. If you have a 10 question quiz, you could display the questions on 10 separate pages like they are now, or you could adjust that and display 3 questions on the first page, 5 on the second page, and 2 on the last page, if you want.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an actual functioning example is probably worth a million words. So, try the example quiz below, which is a 6-question Score Range Quiz, with 3 questions on each page. In this example, there are three possible score results ranges, 0-60, 61-95, and 96-100, which correspond to different levels of knowledge and expertise about some recent Facebook updates.

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