Tying Multi-Channel Marketing Programs Together with Interactive Content

June 6, 2013 | SnapApp Marketing

How do you market to the right people, in the right channels, at the right time, with the right content? There are so many options and tools available to marketers that bringing it all together in a manageable way can be a challenge all its own. Fortunately, interactive content can easily bridge gaps to push content to virtually any marketing channel you can imagine – all the while measuring behaviors and generating leads within the native channels, interfaces, or devices.

Social Sharing

Most social media savvy marketing professionals cringe at the mention of a ?social campaign? because social channels and marketing initiatives are not mutually exclusive. In short, only running a campaign across social channels is a recipe for disaster. Social channels work best to amplify and expand your other marketing campaigns, but extending your marketing tools into the social sphere can be wonky at best, and almost impossible at worst. With interactive content, however, one engagement type can be shared on any social channel, measure additional shares, and even collect leads if a lead form is included. All the while, all this information can also be fed directly into marketing automation platforms like Eloqua or Marketo.


Where social media is public facing, email is much more private, so naturally, most tools that cover social media don’t translate to email. Because interactive content can live anywhere, though, the same engagement which you used to generate thousands of shares can also be repurposed and embedded into an email template to drive email impressions, opens, and click throughs. What’s more, within marketing automation email templates, additional data and behaviors can be recorded to provide a much broader prospect profile. Print: Print is not dead, and neither is the QR code – especially with interactive content created on the SnapApp platform. With every standard engagement created, SnapApp users have the option of generating a QR code that can link directly to interactive content on a mobile device. From simple event tricks like printing QR codes on cocktail napkins, to driving viewers of print collateral to take more measureable online actions, interactive content gives marketers an added bridge between online and offline marketing programs.


For all the new channels popping up, websites have still remained as the tried and true hub for most businesses. Naturally, this is where marketers hope to drive viewers to help generate more leads or fuel further sales. While the same interactive content shared on social, print and email channels can also be directly embedded into web pages, and can still directly send data into marketing automation platforms, the added value of interactive content is the ability to create unique webpage experiences as well. Using features like campaign manager, marketers can select and schedule a variety of engagements to run at specific times or at random to give viewers a variety of experiences within a single embedded location on a site. This means that not only can interactive content tie channels together through a webpage, the content itself can enhance time on site, page views, and returning views.

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