How to Uncover Buying Intent at Every Stage in the Buyer Journey

October 22, 2019 | Kirsten Lyons

Marketers have more data than ever to study prospects and predict buying intent.

But low MQL conversion rates suggest marketers haven’t turned that data into reliable intent predictions. Changes in B2B buying behavior mean that having a lot of data isn’t enough—marketers need to rethink how they deliver leads that convert by focusing on the right things.

Today’s B2B buyers conduct extensive independent research, and follow  nonlinear buying journeys. In fact, buyers spend just 17% of their time speaking directly to vendors they are considering. 

This means that the sophisticated models marketers have built to track prospect activity are no longer a reliable signal of buying intent—rather, measures of sales-readiness like activity-based lead scores are now at best, a proxy for how much research a prospect has done, not now interested in your product they are. 

However, marketers can rethink their approach to more accurately qualify leads, and deliver on their goals. Find out how marketers can accurately assess where prospects are in their buying process, and uncover actionable buying intent in the webinar below. You’ll learn:

  • How changes in B2B buying behavior have reshaped buying stages
  • Why behavioral data is only a proxy for buyer intent
  • Which approaches work to uncover buying intent at each buying stage.


Ready to learn more about how to uncover buying intent and understanding your prospects? Check out our guide.


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