Unleashing the Potential of Every Marketer: The Story of Our Mission

Unleashing the Potential of Every Marketer: The Story of Our Mission

We recently asked our CEO and founder Seth Lieberman to give us some insight into his journey to founding SnapApp and how we landed on our company’s mission. Today we share that story with you.


Being early is lonely.


I knew we were early, but it took me years to realize just how early. No one likes to be early to a party, even a really great party. It’s just awkward and uncomfortable, let alone hosting and waiting for people to show up (no middle school angst here, really).


When we set out to create a marketers-first software platform to build interactive content experiences, I knew that creating a new category for the market would be a ton of work. After all, we picked a two-front battle out of the gate: educate marketers on a totally new approach to demand generation that centers on experiences AND help them navigate a dramatic shift from the traditional seller-centric playbook they were running to a buyer-driven model.


The goal of any startup is to prove your hypothesis true or false (or adjust), before you run out of money. But even when you are right, creation is hard: creating companies, creating culture, creating experiences, all of it.


Five years in and I think we finally have it nailed. The market has awoken to the idea that it’s time to break free of that seller-centric model and really do something different. We had the right idea, now we have the right product, and are at the right time, and in the right place. Creating great customer/user/people experiences is a big idea, a really big idea, but change is really hard.


We realized we needed something to galvanize the company and our customers. We needed our mission statement to reflect our crazy passion, our core values, and the sea of change we feel interactive brings to marketing.


We believe that the audience experience is everything.

Building a repeatable and scalable approach to creating interactive experiences, making interactive endemic to your marketing is crucial to long-term success. That’s not marketing success, that’s business success.


Without a marketing engine a company will not grow for long. Only by delivering great experiences across your entire marketing strategy, at every stage of the funnel, to every persona, up and down the funnel, will you accelerate your marketing performance and deliver real scale.


Finding our mission.

It was through the long slog of building and creating that we began to find the edges of our true mission as a company (you can read about the “trough of sorrows”). Absorbing market feedback. Synthesizing data. Learning from our successes and failures.


SnapApp exists to help marketers achieve greatness. And this isn’t just in their programs with cool content and campaigns, or sexy new strategies. But it’s also in their careers – helping them do better, more interesting things that drive better results, succeed professionally, even get promoted.


Our mission, simply put, is to:


Unleash the potential in every marketer.


There is untapped greatness in all marketers (and all of us) and our mission is to build powerful and easy-to-use software that lets marketers achieve their best. Software can bridge the gap from creative genius to practical application. From whiteboard to widespread engagement. From risk taking to ROI. Our software is designed to empower marketers to craft experiences that represent the true value of their offerings and deliver value to their audiences each and every time they interact with them.


This is an internal focus as well. We desire as a company to unleash the potential in every Snapster (that’s what we call ourselves). To build a culture and a company where everyone can reach their potential. I know I am not the best CEO I can be yet.  But if I can help everyone on my team be their best, I’ll be one step closer.


How did we get here?

This isn’t just words on the wall (though they are on the wall!), nor is this a new idea for us – it’s already part of our DNA. We are simply getting better at articulating that story, all based on what we’re seeing in the industry, the conversations we’re having with our customers, prospects, and our peers on a daily basis.




Marketing today is a hard gig, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re being asked to do so much more – more content, more campaigns, more leads, more everything – and at a scale never seen before. And it’s not just about things like creating awareness or increasing web traffic, but driving real, measurable business results through hard metrics that include pipeline contribution and revenue generated.


We believe that the strategies and tactics to truly break through the clutter filling prospect inboxes aren’t impossible, nor are they out of reach. Today, more than ever, experiences truly matter. Creating amazing experiences to meet the needs of the buyer-driven, buyer-centered world in which we live isn’t a pipe dream: It is our reality.


At SnapApp, we’re empowering marketers to create the kind of dynamic experiences that generate real one-to-one conversations that activate buyers, break through the noise, and ultimately unleash the kind of growth we need to deliver. We’ve seen our approach work time and time again with our customers of all sizes who see better results through a single interactive content experience than dozens of pages of static, boring, lead-gated white papers ever could.


We have seen these results replicated across thousands of marketers who have deployed tens of thousands of experiences and launched almost a billion engagements. Best of all, we’ve helped them generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.


It is the nature of hard things that make them rewarding – and it is incredibly rewarding as a founder to see the vision become a reality, and be embraced by co-workers, customers, and the industry. I’m proud of how far we’ve come as a company, but I am most proud of the success our customers and our team has achieved, both professionally, and personally.  


We know this journey has only just begun and we are working hard to keep innovating, to help YOU keep innovating, to unleash our potential, together. I hope you’ll join us on our mission – on your mission: to be the best marketer you can be.





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