Unmissable Event Hacks For the Savvy B2B Marketer

September 29, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

Last week, I had the pleasure of serving on a panel with some of the brightest minds in event marketing. Attend sponsored the #EventHacker panel where 5 event marketers shared their expertise and advice on the “must do’s” at events.

So, what did you miss? We covered a lot of ground – from planning through in-event interactions to how to get and measure amazing results. Keep reading for some of my favorite takeaways from the webinar!

Planning Is Everything

Events take a lot of time and energy, but staying organized and planning for a wide range of potential scenarios can make a big difference. If it’s a new event for you or your company, look up past sponsors and ask them what worked well at the event and any tips that they may have. Marketers love to talk to other marketers and share ideas.

Take advantage of your sponsorship and use it in social and paid media to promote your brand. Create surveys and quizzes to engage attendees before the show and collect information you can turn into content post show.

Attendee Interactions

Events are only as good as the interactions marketers provide their attendees. That might mean setting up dinners or happy hours during the show to get some extra one-to-one time, or handing out really cool swag.

Every single booth visitor should leave with something – whether a postcard or a branded pen. But buying all that fancy swag can get expensive! Pro tip? Plan your booth collateral to include swag options at multiple tiers, so you can give something extra to the high-quality prospects without sending lower-quality prospects away empty-handed. Remember, a low-quality prospect today could be a high-quality one tomorrow.

Speaking of swag, what should you bring? Think of something interesting or unique to draw people into the booth. Our panel agreed: things for the kids are a big hit. Remember to use your swag as a conversation starter.

Do you struggle to keep up with booth traffic during busy times? Set up a poll or simple assessment on a tablet or laptop for people to interact with while waiting speaking to someone if your booth gets swamped.

Finally, keep event messaging consistent. If you do a lot of events, you can maximize your impact (and not overwhelm your design team) by keep your core messaging and tweaking it slightly for the different events.

Results Matter

Events on average account for a huge chunk of marketing budgets — with some companies allocating as much as 50% of their budget to events. That’s a lot of dollars to be accounted for. Plan what results you’re going to share with your executive team and make sure you’re capturing them. Results make the strongest case for next year’s budget.

To ensure you’re getting the results you want, align with your sales team and develop a game plan for following up. Coordinate marketing follow-up with sales touches. Provide as much information as you can to your sales team to allow them to have warmer conversations with the attendees.

Interactive Content Can Help

Interested in using quizzes, polls, assessments, and other interactive content at events to fuel conversations and capture more information? Download our events use case and see how you can step up your own event hacks.

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