[Video] How Modern Marketers Resonate With Their Audience

[Video] How Modern Marketers Resonate With Their Audience

A few weeks ago, marketers from around the globe converged on Las Vegas for one of the largest marketing events of the year: Marketo Summit. The SnapApp team was there in full force, and had a great time chatting with customers and colleagues about the future of marketing.

Marketers are inspired by the Marketo Summit because of the energy, creativity, and innovation displayed by their peers, sponsors, and speakers alike. The question on everyone’s lips was how to make our marketing activities even better – how to make sure what we’re working so hard on is in line with what our customers want to hear.

“If you don’t understand the audience you’re talking to and what they care about independent of you, you’re dead on arrival,” said Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing. “It starts with the need. It starts with the customer. It starts with understanding what they need – and to me, that’s the resonance piece.”

Throughout the conference, marketers were looking for ideas that would enable them to reach that resonance with their audience. Marketers want ways to serve up content and campaigns their audience is actually looking for – that they actually want – rather than “marketing speak.”

In the video below, hear from industry experts like Matt Heinz and Ann Handley as well as some stellar SnapApp customers on what makes tomorrow’s marketer successful.




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