Want to Come to the Marketing Fit Workshop? Here’s How to Convince Your Boss

January 10, 2017 | SnapApp Marketing

You can now register for Marketing Fit! A hands-on, B2B marketing workshop for those who are looking to make big gains on their 2017 marketing goals.

The workshop will be at The Loft in Washington, D.C. With the aim to provide impactful takeaways and new strategies to implement immediately, we’re keeping it pretty contained with about 75 seats.


Seems like a great experience, right? If you need a little more convincing, read on for the three main reasons you’ll be glad you went.

If you think your boss may need some convincing to send you, no problem, we made it easy for you with a pre-written Convince Your Boss email.

Grab the Convince Your Boss email here, and fill in the highlighted areas for your own trip.

Why Marketing Fit?

1. Come Away With Three Personalized Marketing Assets

You’ll come away from the workshop with three usable items: a content repurposing plan, a personalized content-to-persona-to-funnel stage audit, and your own piece of interactive content that you can publish and leverage in your marketing.


2. Keynote Talk by Matt Heinz

Marketing Fit will focus three key areas of improvement in your content and demand gen campaigns: balance, strength, and flexibility.

Matt Heinz, B2B thought leader and founder of Heinz Marketing Group, will kick off the day and give a talk titled “Why the Status Quo Isn’t Good Enough.”


3. Networking and Group Sessions With Fellow B2B Marketers

In addition to the morning talks on successful marketing in 2017, you’ll break into smaller groups and start the hands-on aspect of the workshop.



Here you’ll have the chance to build your three marketing assets and network with other B2B marketers looking to move beyond more traditional campaigns to exceed their 2017 goals.

Here’s the link one more time to the Convince Your Boss email. More information on the workshop below!


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