We All Have a Different Thanksgiving Persona – Which Is Yours?

November 21, 2016 | SnapApp Marketing

Whether you’re traveling far, hitting the scheduled stress and condensed bustle in airport lines, or staying local and arriving to your destination with glass food containers and pies stacking your arms, there’s a shared communal experience in the Thanksgiving tradition.

The third Thursday of November is a day where the majority of American dining tables all look remarkably alike. Sure, there are nuances here, meal deviations there. Some households go for a vegetarian-friendly version, others go for turkey alternatives like salmon. Some are 100% family members, others a mix of friends and family, and increasingly some are made of 100% friends.

Either way you slice it (pun!), Thanksgiving is about coming together. Though dining tables may be relatively similar, the personalities at the tables are all sorts of different. And among the differences you can start to recognize some general Thanksgiving personality patterns.

Who’s here for football? Who’s here with the consumer mind eyeing next-day sales? Who’s here strictly for food, and don’t talk to me about anything else?

All great questions. Don’t know where you stand?

It’s time to find out by taking our quiz: Which Member of the Dinner Table Are You?  



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