Webinar Recap: Utilizing Interactive Content to Solve Common Buyer’s Journey Pitfalls

November 2, 2018 | Kara Widdison

Last week, SnapApp held a webinar with Hileman Group, a digital marketing agency that helps marketers develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies and help build tools that drive clients’ success, to discuss ways to solve buyer’s journey pitfalls with interactive content.
(Watch the recording)

During the webinar, we took a look at the typical stages of the buyer’s journey to highlight how various interactive content and use case approaches can meet prospects specific needs at the stage they are on.  We covered this familiar funnel:

We broke down the goals of each stage, as well as sharing interactive content suggestions for each.  Check out the recording to see our breakdown of The Good and The Bad with examples across each stage of the journey.

Stage Goal: Increase visibility of brand with key target market, drive early engagement with
top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) tactics, begin to show differentiators/value proposition in the market.


Interactive Content Suggestion:

Contests can be an effective type of interactive content at the awareness stage. They can generate interest, entice potential leads, and typically require minimal commitment and effort for users to participate in.

Social media pairs nicely with contests to help extend the reach.  For true success make sure your contest and prize directly align with your target market. Don’t just cobble together a quick form and typical gift card or iPad giveaway.

Understand your audience and create something that would appeal to them and their needs. It should be unique, memorable, and aligned with your brand. And be sure to have a thoughtful follow-up nurture ready to to help guide them further down the funnel.


Stage Goal: Continue to engage the audience and show solutions that are the best fit to buyer’s needs. This is also a stage to help buyers determine if they are not a good fit. Nurture leads, build trust and relationships.  

Interactive Content Suggestion:

Webinars are a popular asset for marketers, but they work especially well at the engage stage. What makes them interactive?  During a webinar, you can ask poll or survey questions that can help drive the flow of the presentation and drive attendee engagement.  But can also create interactive experiences leading up to, and following a webinar.

During the registration process, present a poll to find out areas that registrants definitely want to see covered.  Or give an opportunity to ask some questions that should be answered during the session.

If you are asking a combination of content and lead qualifying questions, you can use this information as part of the follow up.  Create a couple of different post-webinar nurture streams, with membership determined by the way questions were answered. This will keep your buyers moving through the journey and onto the next step or stage.


Stage Goal: Drive engaged leads within your demand funnel to take a larger step in their buyer’s
journey, begin to message “why” content, help solve your prospect’s pain.

Interactive Content Suggestion:

Assessments (or quizzes) can be an effective form of interactive content to deliver useful “why’ content. When structured properly they can provide access to answers, results, and gratification that addresses pain points that prospects might be experiencing. This makes for a more authentic experience for prospect – critical at this stage of the process.

Based on the answers submitted this information can be valuable for your sales team to leverage with more targeted follow-ups.


Stage Goal: Your audience is ready to buy. They need a final nudge and a compelling CTA to purchase your product or service. Offering a persuasive content experience can have a big impact when converting a lead to a customer.

Interactive Content Suggestion:

More and more, prospects want to learn as much as they can on their own – using your content in that process.  Calculators let your audience quantify the impact of a pain or specify the value of a solution when building a business case.  And while most think calculators only work for B2C, they can be just as relevant across many industries. Showing the impact a solution could have on revenue is valuable for all buyers.

Calculators can enhance the dialogue with your audience by providing valuable, personalized content in the form of a numerical impression. Concurrently, you can also collect rich profile data that can be used for lead scoring, trigger campaigns, disqualification, and sales intelligence through responses given.


In the webinar, we spend time going through examples for each of the stages.  At the end, we share a few key considerations before getting started. These include:

  • Know your audience

As with all marketing programs, campaigns, or assets, you need to make sure your interactive content aligns with the needs of your audience.

  • Take a content assessment

If you are going to ask questions within your content experiences, make sure they are aligned to what your sales team needs to know to move a deal forward.  This is a valuable periodic exercise as both sales and marketing teams are constantly learning about prospects and clients.

  • Take a content assessment

Interactive content doesn’t always have to be “net new”.  Take a look at the great content you’ve already produced and see what might be ripe for an interactive overhaul.  Take your top performing ebook and break it into an assessment. You might also find gaps in your content that can be filled with interactive experiences.

  • Know your goal

Whether your goal is to drive awareness or to impact revenue, your interactive content strategy might shift. Make sure you align your campaign and program goals with the right type of content.

  • Keep it simple

You are aiming to create an authentic experience for your prospects that provides them the needed information to move to the next stage.  That doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. Unique experiences that provide personalized results are what convert – don’t overthink it!

Check out the full recording and let us know if you have any comments or questions.  Maybe we’ll develop our next webinar specifically to answer some of them!

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