What Are Assessments And Personality Tests?

What Are Assessments And Personality Tests?

Assessments, or personality tests as they are sometimes called, are used to deliver customized results based on how a user answers a series of questions. Common examples include:
  • Persona Tests – “What type of technology adopter are you?” or “Which city should you live in?”
  • Benchmarking Tests – “How secure is your data?” or “How healthy are you?”
  • Product Fit/Readiness Assessments – “Are you ready for a security breach?” or “Assess your marketing strategy.”

Assessments can be purely fun in nature, such as “What type of shark are you?”, or, tied directly to a product offering such as “Is your organization ready for a document storage solution?”. Regardless of the content, they are extremely effective because they help people self-identify and compare to their peer group; allowing users to quickly and effectively assess their strengths and weaknesses around a specific issue(s), primes them to understand whether your solution can solve their problem. And you know what they say - acknowledging you have a problem is the first step to finding a solution.

What are the mechanics behind assessments?

unitrends superheroAssessments create a dialogue between the user and the content. The marketer creates a series of pre-determined outcomes, which represent a specific theme or result. The way a user answers a series of questions buckets himself into one of those potential outcomes. Unlike with trivia/knowledge tests, which have right and wrong answers, assessments have no correct answers; it is only the individual users’ combination of answers that generates an overall score that then is used to map the result the user is given to an outcome – all behind the scene of course. Most marketers are already working with established targeted segments and personas, but have relied on users to either self identify with a particular segment or a salesperson to do discovery with a prospect. Interactive assessments enable a dialogue with your audience throughout their experience. --

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