What Exactly Are Facebook's Contest Rules?

What Exactly Are Facebook's Contest Rules?

Have you ever ?liked? a picture to help a friend win a photo?contest on Facebook? If so, you may have contributed to a company's Facebook?delinquency. Promotions and contests are awesome ways to drive traffic to?your Facebook brand page. Many brands successfully utilize such promotions?to do just that. Butto create that next great contest, you must comply with Facebook's promotions guidelines. Despite the fact that Facebook can?t monitor its 845 million?users, violating Facebook?s contest guidelines could negatively impact your business. And?losing Facebook privileges or having a company's account suspended will?invariably harm the work you have done to create a loyal following. So, what exactly are Facebook?s golden rules?

1. Promotions must be administered with 3rd party?Facebook apps.

To hold a contest on Facebook, you must use a 3rd party application--not any of Facebook's features. For example if you wanted to host a photo contest, you can't simply share some pictures in an album titled ?Photo Contest." To have the contest fall within the rules, it must be developed on a?Canvas Page or on a page tab dedicated to the contest.

A sweepstakes on your Facebook page using a 3rd party application, SnapApp.

2. Information disclosure is required.

Facebook requires that each registrant or?participant is notified that the information shared goes to the hosting?company, not to Facebook. It also requires that each person have access to a?Facebook release.

3. Registration cannot be conditional and cannot?use Facebook?s features as a method of registration.

Basically, anyone wanting to register in?the contest should have the opportunity to do so, regardless of whether they're?a Facebook user. In addition, you cannot ask registrants to ?like? a wall post,?post anything to your wall, or connect to a particular app just to register as a participant of the contest.

4. The ?like? button cannot be a voting mechanism.

This regulation is probably the most?commonly broken Facebook contest rule. For instance, clicking "like" to vote for the best chicken?soup recipe is prohibited. Using any Facebook function as?a method of voting is in violation of Facebook?s contest rules.

5. Facebook cannot be used as a notification method.

Winners must be notified through some method?other than Facebook. Winners must not be notified through messages, chat, or?by posts on profiles or pages, according to Facebook?s official rules.

6. Facebook does not endorse any third-party?promotions.

Contest administrators are required to make?it clear that Facebook has not endorsed the contest or promotion. Companies?must also follow all brand?usage guidelines when promoting the contest both online and off. Given these strict guidelines, how does a company utilize?Facebook for a contest without violating the rules? First, be sure to periodically review Facebook's Brand Resource Center, as rules are subject to change. Using a third-party application?platform when developing a sweepstakes app?will make running a promotion on Facebook much easier.?There are several companies that help?transform ideas into applications for Facebook use, including SnapApp. SnapApp can help design?this social media contest to eliminate the usage of Facebook?s features and help maintain?compliance when running promotions and implement successful contests while still adhering to Facebook?s?contest rules.  

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