What Can You Do With Interactive Video?

June 19, 2015 | Greg Achenbach

We recently announced the release of our new interactive video product. To recap, an interactive video incorporates the question and answer functionality of a SnapApp assessment, quiz, poll, calculator, or survey into the fabric of the video itself – after the video has been produced.

As your visitors watch the video, periodic calls-to-action will pop up encouraging interaction. The questions are completely customizable, so marketers can gauge their audience’s interest in the subject matter, test their knowledge, or offer benchmarking opportunities throughout the video.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you can do with SnapApp interactive video.

Add Design Elements

One of the great things about this new product is the ability to take an existing video and make it interactive. That means you can add some polish to your video after production has been completed. You might want to add a company logo to the video, or other design elements to really customize the experience. With SnapApp, it’s quick and easy to add these extra design touches to your video:





Add Interactive Content

You can also add interactive elements, just like you would in any other interactive experience created with SnapApp. When you create a new interactive video, you select the type of interactive experience you want to add to the video – whether a poll or survey, quiz, assessment, or even an ROI calculator.


Not only can you select what type of content to display, you can also choose how you want the content to appear on the video. You can have the content display over the video, or next to the video (top, bottom, left, right – you choose).



Next to


Add A Lead Form

Using SnapApp also allows you to capture your viewer’s information with a fully customizable lead form. Just like any other element in interactive video, you can have the lead form appear over or next to the video.



Next To


Adding Prompts

You also have the option to show a prompt for your viewers to click on to access each question. This gives the viewer the option to interact with video, instead of pausing the video to force the viewer to interact with the content. Very polite!





Pick Where & When

You also have the option to display some (or all) of your content before or after the video. So if you want your viewer to answer a few questions before the video begins, you can do that – or if you want to save all the questions until the end, that’s fine too. In the timeline manager, we have blocks for items you want to display Pre- or Post- video. All you need to do is add the corresponding content to these blocks and you’re good to go.


Now let’s see what this all looks like in a live example:

Is this an example of question?



Not Sure
Did You Click On The Prompt?


Is This Question Over The Video?



I Can’t Tell

For more information on how to make your videos interactive, contact us to schedule a demo.

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