Which Horror Movie Character Are You?

Which Horror Movie Character Are You?

“What was that noise?”


“I don’t know. Should we check it out?”


Horror Movie Rule Number 1: All noises must be investigated.


“Gosh, it’s really dark out.”


“Yeah. Should we go for a walk?”


Horror Movie Rule Number 2: When a late night walk is proposed, it must be accepted.


“Mike is missing. What do we do?”


“We have to split up and find him.”


Horror Movie Rule Number 3: When someone is missing, always split up into small numbers.


I could continue with rule upon rule, or create a sort of Mad Libs horror movie tropes that nearly every adult who has seen a movie would be able to nail.


But! I don’t want to keep you from learning one or two things about yourself. If you were to walk into a horror movie scene – which character would you be? There’s no escape, you fall into one stereotype or another in scary movies, that’s the way the world works. I didn’t make the rules.


So, in celebration of Halloween 2017, we’re challenging you to find out! What kind of Horror Movie Character Are You? Take our assessment below, if you dare.



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