Why Are You Running Facebook Apps & Promotions – for the Business or for the Bandwagon?

January 25, 2013 | SnapApp Marketing

It’s a simple marketing pattern – if a target audience says “call me”, marketers pick up the phone; if it’s “shoot me an email”, marketers start aiming for the inbox. Naturally, when “Find me on Facebook” became popular, marketers were more than happy to oblige. Today, however, Facebook marketing, as well as other social media, email, and multi-channel marketing programs require a lot more sophistication than a simple presence. To achieve that necessary level of sophistication it takes a careful marriage of business objectives and market interests. Only being on Facebook or other channels just because everyone else is – even if everyone else includes your competitors – isn’t a sophisticated business strategy. Here’s how to know if you’re still riding the bandwagon, and what you need to do get the results that are best for your business.

Avoid Outdated Facebook Apps and PromotionsHow to tell if you’re in it for the bandwagon:

In a recent post, Robert Caruso asked, “do you want to be famous or effective in social media┬áHis premise was that one either makes a name, or makes money – rarely do the two converge. For running apps and promotions on Facebook, this logic still applies. If your meaningful metrics are likes, reach, and people talking about this, for the most part, all you’re doing is building awareness around your company’s name. Indirectly, this may eventually lead to revenue, but it’s a long, hazy, and hard to measure road. The bandwagon, however, is all about people and companies making names for themselves. It stands to reason that if everyone is doing it, doing it quantifiably better than everyone else would seem to be a justifiable definition of success. Thus, the bandwagon approach leads marketers to create Facebook exclusive apps and promotions to essentially, “do Facebook” better than the competition. These initiatives don’t tend to be tied to any specific marketing or business objectives, and likewise, Facebook tends to be the only place where these promotions run.

Here’s the Litmus Test:

Does the success or the functionality of the Facebook app or promotion yield measurable value for your company? If yes, you’re in it for the business. If no, it’s time to hop off the bandwagon.

How to ensure you’re in it for the business: Facebook isn’t Las Vegas – there’s no rule that what happens there has to stay there. In fact, successful Facebook and social media marketing relies on meaningful interactions and experiences expanding beyond any one channel. When marketing with apps or promotions, a true multi-channel approach is key. Whether it’s including lead generation or signup forms to collect email subscriptions, or driving social sharing and conversations across the social sphere, the more bang you can get for your app or promotional buck, the greater the return you can see for your business. To channel a little JFK, ask not what your company can do for Facebook, ask what Facebook can do for your company. Then, amplify what Facebook apps and promotions can do for your company by incorporating email, mobile, and other social channels to extend the spread and impact.

If you’re in it for the business consider the following:

Does the app or promotion integrate with, or act complementary to additional marketing, sales, or other business objectives?

Can you define and measure the app / promotion’s success and build on it?

Does the app or promotion yield a favorable ROI, and can that even be enhanced?

In the end, riding the bandwagon can only take you so far. For success on Facebook and in social media, the days of empty, feel good metrics are gone. Like any other marketing or business communication channel, success is now measured in meeting objectives, so whether you’re a B2B, B2C, or media company, before you run your next Facebook program, you need to know how it helps your business.

As an interactive content marketing platform, SnapApp specializes in enabling business to run valuable and effective promotions on Facebook, and across the web. For more information on how we can help, contact us today!

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