Why I Left My Demand Gen Job to Launch SnapApp’s Interactive Strategy Team

April 10, 2017 | Dan Trefethen

I just left a job I loved. I know, it sounds crazy, but as SnapApp’s Director of Marketing, I had a great experience. I was running a demand generation team that I grew from one (just me!) to six. I’m leaving behind my beloved campaign orchestration, the challenge of lead scoring, and the geekiness of Marketo and Salesforce. I loved everything about my job.


But, I realized something.


Not every demand gen marketer or B2B marketer loves their job as much as I do. The industry is changing and many of my peers are drowning in the change.

We’re being told: do more, go deeper, go faster; show business impact, prove ROI on top of the growing complexity of the buyer’s journey. And we’re being asked to show tangible progress through numbers – more leads, more conversion, more pipeline, more revenue. How do we meet this challenge?

For many, when things get stressful, we stick to what we know works: lead-gated landing pages for content, webinars, events, etc. And we do more of it, over and over. It feels good- we know what to do.

The problem is, our buyers are overwhelmed by all of that content! We keep giving them more of the same – the same generic seller-centric messages about products and services, in the same formats we’ve been using for years. They are starting to tune us out, and our numbers often show it.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


I’ve always been a big believer in human-to-human marketing, enabled through personalized experiences. Forward-thinking marketers are doing something different: they are thinking not about what’s best for the seller, but what matters for the overall buyer experience.


Interactive Strategy, Not Content

Today’s B2B buyers are acting more and more like B2C consumers.

They want to control their buying process. They want to decide how and when they will consume content. They want to be treated more as humans and less as prospects, they want a conversation. This requires that we create great experiences that deliver value to the buyer. It’s through these dialogues that we learn more about the buyer so we can ultimately create even more personalized and valuable experiences at each step of the buyer’s process.

That’s where interactive content (and SnapApp!) comes in. Marketers get plenty of benefits from interactive content: highly qualified leads, more conversions, more content, etc.

But here’s the thing: Interactive content is not just a cool new tactic for marketers, or one asset that is flashy and full of bells and whistles that impress your boss. It’s part of a larger strategy and approach that lets marketers create amazing experiences that drive engagement, all while also capturing the information they need to better qualify and convert leads, shifting from scoring based on activity to scoring based on actual sales criteria.

This is a strategy, not a one-off “cool” thing to try. Interactive content is a way to transform your marketing strategy and enhance it. I’ve seen it work in my own marketing and in the marketing of our highest performing customers. It’s because I believe in this so passionately that I’m leaving the job I love. I want others to love their jobs too and to help them make their marketing even better.


Introducing the Interactive Marketing Strategy Group

I’m starting a new journey heading up a newly reoriented team for SnapApp: the Interactive Marketing Strategist Group. Our job is to support customers as they expand their marketing strategy to include interactive experiences.

We believe interactive is a strategy, not a single event or piece of content. Interactive experiences should be used across all existing campaigns and programs in order to raise performance across the board because it supports broader marketing goals and metrics.

This goes beyond platform support or project management. This team transforms how we engage with our customers to provide the strategic support to help them achieve scalable wins. We will help them take a programmatic approach to deploying interactive experiences: a combination of a clearly articulated goal plus a clear promotion plan plus interactive assets.

Our team is made up of marketing strategists, trained to listen to our customers’ needs and ready to brainstorm with them to make them successful.

I’m excited to continue to help others unleash their marketing growth. My team and I will be meeting customers at upcoming events and beyond to help advance their marketing strategies. We will continue to build the best practices for interactive marketing strategies in order to help our customers grow.

I’m excited for this opportunity and expect to love this job even more. Feel free to say hello or follow me on Twitter @NessieBessie


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