Why Interactive Content is the Fun-Size Candy of Your Marketing Strategy

November 4, 2014 | Dan Trefethen

Now that Halloween week is over and we’re trudging into November, I start to mourn the passing of fun-sized candy bars. Yes, I know fun-size candy is available year round, and yes, I know I’m an adult and can buy a bag of fun-size Snickers to keep in my desk drawer and snack on any time I want. But on principle, and because my brain is 99% nostalgia, I associate fun-size candy bars exclusively with Halloween.

In the middle of a grief-induced fun-size candy binge this weekend, I started thinking about all the similarities between fun-size candy bars and interactive content. In fact, I came to the following conclusion – interactive content is the fun-size candy bar of your content marketing strategy. Bear with me on this.

Interactive Content Lets You Feed the Neighborhood

Every Halloween when I was a kid, rumors flew about houses where they gave out whole king-size candy bars. These were always in the nicer neighborhoods and it seemed impossible to me that they could afford to give every kid a king-sized bar. Most houses gave out fun-size – because for the same dollar, you get ten pieces of fun-size and just one king-size. For the same cash outlay, you can give out candy to a lot more kids.

Your content marketing program should be more like the houses giving out fun-size candy bars. Your demand gen colleagues are trying to “feed the neighborhood” of your marketing database, and a single white-paper only goes so far. Not to mention, it’s expensive and time consuming to create a brand new piece of long-form content every two weeks. Breaking the content in your pillar assets up into bite-sized interactive experiences (quizzes, polls, interactive infographics, etc) gives you more touch points to engage your database more frequently.

Interactive Content Changes Up Your Content Diet

Image Credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/lambfamilyphotos/7028389683/">lambfamilyphotos</a> How many king size candy bars can you eat without getting sick? This is not a Guinness Book of World Records challenge. The correct answer in my hypothetical world is “one or two.” Maybe “a few.” The point is, you can eat a lot more pieces of fun-size candy in a single sitting – and you can have one of every flavor. It takes more to make you full.

King size candy bars are like your white papers and research reports. Your prospects only want to consume them every so often, while their appetites for interactive experiences are much more voracious. Fun-size candy bars whet the appetite for a full-size bar in the same way interactive content piques interest in long-form content.

And interactive content is quick – a content snack prospects can grab between meetings. Don’t make your prospects sick by sending them the same white paper over and over. Change it up!

Interactive Content is Better Bang for Your Buck

As I mentioned before, you can buy a lot more fun-size candy for what you’d spend on a king-size bar. Especially now that Halloween is over – sale prices are crazy as stores clear their shelves for the next holiday.

If your goal is maximum sugar intake for your dollar, fun-size is where it’s at. If your goal is lead generation and conversion down the sales pipeline, it’s all about interactive content. When SnapApp published our latest white paper, “Interactive Content and the Buyer’s Journey,” we saw just under a 10% lead conversion rate on our landing page. When we converted that asset into an interactive white paper – with embedded quiz questions and animated graphics – the lead form conversion rate jumped to 31%. The same investment in time and money saw a 3x increase in results. Talk about bang for your buck.

Go For It!

As marketers, we often hear we need to create more and better content for our audience. But how do we do MORE with the same amount of time and resources? We get smart about breaking core content assets up into bite-size pieces. Our audiences aren’t always ready for a king-size candy bar, but we can offer them a variety of fun-size options they can consume at their convenience. Next time they’re in the market for a bigger bite, they might just make their way back to our long-form content.

So think about working interactive experiences in alongside your white papers and research reports. Give your audience something to snack on!

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What Candy Will You Miss Most?


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