Why Interactive Content Matters for Agencies

February 17, 2017 | Melissa Nazar | Link

Marketers are looking for fresh new ideas to engage with their audiences and often work closely with marketing agencies to create and drive interesting new content and campaigns. I spoke with Mike Mitchell, who heads up SnapApp’s Agency Partner Program, about what challenges agencies are facing today and how they’re using interactive content for themselves and their clients. Here’s what I learned from our Q&A session.

Q: What’s the Agency Partner Program at SnapApp?

A: We work with digital agencies, public relations agencies, and marketing services firms of all sizes to not only help them expand their services to include interactive content, but also help them sell, deploy, price, and package interactive content with their existing services.

Q: Why should agencies care about interactive content?

A: Marketers and marketing agencies have traditionally relied on the lead-gated whitepaper or ebook to be the cornerstone of their lead generation efforts. It simply does not work as well as it used to.

This is for two main reasons: (1) Buyers are skeptical of what happens when they fill out a form; is the content worth the inevitable sales follow-up? (2) There’s a ton of noise out there, so while an ebook featuring tips and tricks may have been valuable in the past, now there’s so much content available that audiences are more selective. And even when they do download, the content may end up sitting on a computer desktop and never end up being read. All you know from your lead-gated form is someone’s name and email, not if they’ve actually engaged with your content.

With interactive content, engagement and participation is a requirement – you can’t consume it without showing some interaction with it. Not only do you end up with content that buyers engage with, but you also have the opportunity to connect more information about a particular person in a more organic way – think about answering questions within an interactive quiz. The resulting data is powerful for further marketing and valuable for agencies and their clients alike.

Q: You talk to agencies all day, what are their clients asking them for?

A: Clients are not only looking for new leads and conversions, but also more broad awareness in their industries so that they are more likely to be found by new prospects. They’re also looking for ways to nurture the existing names they have in their pipelines.

They rely on their agency partners to come up with new ideas and approaches for breaking through to their audiences, and also look to their agencies to do the heavy lifting of content creation and development.

Q: What kind of results are agencies seeing by offering interactive content?

A: The agencies we work with are seeing really positive response from clients. Clients are looking for new ways to break through to their audiences and by creating interactive content, digital agencies can help them in a very effective and scalable way.

Interactive content is also helping shorten sales cycles. Lots of companies today are using progressive profiling, where each visit to a website results in more data about a visitor. Over the course of a few months, you know enough about that visitor for a sales follow-up. With interactive, you elevate that sales criteria and incorporate it into one interaction that tells you what’s important to them and where they are in the buying journey.

Q: Is it easy for agencies to offer interactive to their clients?

A: Conceptually, interactive content should be easy to incorporate into existing plans for content creation. That’s because interactive isn’t necessarily always about net new content, but repurposed content, taking existing things and breaking them down into multiple assets.

The problem is actually building out the content. It’s hard to create these pieces from scratch and developer hours are expensive. It can take weeks and tens of thousands of dollars to create just one asset. And then there’s the problem of connecting the content back to your marketing automation platform so you can actually use the data. That’s more time and money invested in a custom integration.

By using SnapApp, agencies are easily able to create the same types of interactive experiences but at a fraction of the resource investment. It’s pretty simple for anyone on the team to build cool, custom interactive experiences in less than two weeks. And because SnapApp connects directly to top marketing automation platforms right out of the box, it’s easier and faster to actually take action on the data and information collected. Most custom build solutions aren’t able to make that connection.

As a result, some agencies are even baking interactive automatically into every single one of their client programs.

Q: How can an agency get started with SnapApp?

A: It’s easy – it starts with a quick application form and a conversation to determine if SnapApp is a fit for their client needs.

From there, we have a comprehensive training and certification program to teach our agency partners not only how to build interactive content but also how to best recommend it and incorporate it into their client programs.

Want to learn more about how digital agencies can benefit from interactive content? Check out our agency program page for more insights.


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