Why Interactive Video Powerfully Fuels Personalized Marketing Automation (And How to Get Started)

March 23, 2016 | Shannon Murphy

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The Value of  One-on-One Conversations

Imagine this: you decide to launch a new nurture campaign. Of course, you map out your strategy – warming up your audience with content, testing interest levels. It’s 90 days before you can move leads into a more specific, personalized branch of messaging. You want to learn information about your prospects and their interests so you can send the most relevant, customized content, but you also feel like you’re falling behind, frazzled by a slow lead turnover. 

Could there be a better way?

There is! Using video to have effective one-on-one conversations with your customers  is essential for the growth of your content marketing plan. Gauge interest and refine content marketing efforts by accelerating and optimizing your lead nurturing with marketing automation, personalized video, and interactivity. How exactly? Let us explain.

How Personalized Video Data Powers Automated Campaigns

Marketers know automated messaging enables them to keep in constant contact with their prospects, managing triggered communications to thousands. But do you really know who’s on the other side? A marketing automation campaign or nurture stream is only as good as the information gained by content interactions. Wouldn’t you like to ask questions rather than waiting idly for click-throughs? That’s where interactive video and a personalized content experience come in. Interactive video triggers and analytics, like video impressions, play rate, and total views, can help you to identify interests, personalize content, and build momentum through relevance.

Interactive video jumpstarts your knowledge base by  collecting your prospect information faster! If you were to insert video branching, an interactive element where the viewer chooses his/her path, your prospect has the ability to take control. In the meantime, you receive more robust lead data from their interactions, and the prospect skips the time-commitment of a lengthy PDF.

Video analytics and interactive data flow seamlessly into your customer relationship management (CRM) tool. As the complete picture of the prospect becomes clearer, you can push more relevant content, accelerating lead velocity.

What To Do Next: Interactive Elements to Add to Your Next Video

Video is a dynamic form which pulls prospects in, yet interactive video can shift from one message to a variety of messages. The beauty of interactivity is providing options. Don’t guide your audience to the answers you want to hear, instead map content and interactive elements against a type of marketing persona, then wait to be thrilled by the results! Try some of the following:

Interactive Elements for Personalized Video

Quizzes: Pause and assess. Ask questions of your audience, ensuring you’re “on the same page” before moving on in the video.

Q&A: Engage with audiences and capture insightful data to inform future content choices.

Branching: Click or tap to control the flow of information. Similar to how we seek out the information we desire browsing websites, branching allows your viewer to navigation options in-video.

Hot Spots: Mouse-over elements in a video to receive additional information. In some cases viewers can shop products directly in a video.

Polls: Share your opinion and understand perceptions around content. Viewers can self-benchmark by viewing the response of their peers.

Text Annotations: Emphasize your point, or let your viewer select his or her next steps with visually interesting in-video CTAs that link to related content.

Calculators: Illustrate or guide your audience by providing interactive budgeting and calculation tools, in-video.

Chapterization: Divide your video into chapters, allowing viewers to jump around between content interests.

It’s increasingly easy to understand why nearly 70% of those marketers using interactive video count higher engagement as one of the benefits. Interactive video delivers longer viewing times, fosters better engagement, heightens audience understanding, and strengthens message retention. Marketing automation, personalization, and interactivity add to video’s naturally dynamic, engaging medium, putting your audience in control. 

To learn more about the hard facts behind interactive video, download the Demand Metric Benchmark Report: Interactive Video: Defining and Measuring Performance.

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