Why Sales Ignores Your MQLs: 3 Ways to Get Their Attention

August 27, 2019 | Kirsten Lyons

Not only are marketers responsible for generating more leads for sales, but they’re also on the hook for those leads contributing more revenue — in fact, 66% of marketers today are measured on goals directly tied to sales and revenue. When marketers are on the hook for what happens to the MQLs they send over (ahem, do they turn into deals), we have to up our “qualified” standards in our Marketing Qualified Leads.

Only 21% of MQLs convert to sales, so it’s no wonder that sales teams reportedly ignore 50% of leads from marketing. A form-fill alone can’t give you enough information to know if a lead is qualified enough to chase. 

So how do you find the leads sales really wants to talk to?

The team at SnapApp explored this question in a recent webinar. Watch the full webinar here, or check out a few key points below. 

How did we get here?

Marketing and sales teams both work hard to deliver on their goals. So why do we find ourselves in a position where only 8% of marketing teams are tightly aligned? This disconnect occurs because marketing and sales often have mismatched goals and priorities. 

How do we align perspectives to increase revenue?

Marketers can start by talking to sales about what makes a great lead for their business. When marketers can understand what sales views as a qualified lead, they can set up their efforts to surface and prioritize leads that meet those priorities.

Once sales and marketing are on the same page about what a high quality lead looks like, they can work to uncover those qualities in prospects. While many marketers opt for activity-based lead scoring to make assumptions about indicators of quality, simply asking your prospects questions designed to uncover quality indicators is a much more direct path.

By leveraging qualifying information gleaned from question-based interaction, marketers and sales teams can rethink their success metric tracking relationship to ensure qualified leads are followed up on, and scale the marketing activities that are driving leads that turn into customers.

In the rest of the webinar we’ll explore real life examples of question-based marketing, as well as 3 ways marketing and sales can align their metrics, including:

  • Sales pipeline generated by marketing
  • Opportunities created by marketing
  • Closed deals generated by marketing.

Watch the full webinar below to start aligning with your sales team and improving lead quality now! 

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