Why we (heart) Oracle/Eloqua + SnapApp

February 11, 2014 | Dan Trefethen

It’s Valentine’s week, so let’s talk relationships.  In particular, the SnapApp + Oracle/ Eloqua partnership. Like peanut butter and jelly, Chutes and Ladders, or Batman and Robin, sometimes it just goes better together.

Here are a few reasons that SnapApp+Oracle/Eloqua go better together for you, the modern marketer:heart

A fuller sales funnel

Eloqua offers world class marketing automation.  And, great marketing automation requires great content to add to all of those emails, landing pages and blog posts.  SnapApp allows marketers to quickly and easily create great interactive content that can be published across channels.  In addition, because content created with SnapApp converts on average at a rate of 40%, companies are generating new leads and adding contacts faster than ever.

More detailed contact profiles and records

Learning more about prospects is the key to qualifying them and moving them through the funnel.  Monitoring digital body language gets you part of the way there, but there is only so much you can gather indirectly—and only so many questions you can ask via a lead form.  SnapApp content enables marketers like you to gather more detailed information by asking prospects direct questions in an engaging format that draws them in rather than shutting them down.  A “knowledge test,” “assessment” or “interactive white paper, “ all provide opportunities to capture additional prospect information which can then be seamlessly added to Eloqua contacts and custom object records.

More effective nurturing

Enhancing contacts with additional details is the first step.  Using that information to score and create custom nurture programs based on the information you have collected is the real goal. Using the SnapApp+Eloqua integration to create content that works, publish that content, score leads and then send just the right next piece of content at just the right time thru just the right channel—that’s how nurturing is supposed to work!

Increased engagement and customer retention

For many marketers, prospect to customer is only a part of what they own.  Over the life time of the customer—and the goal is generally to make that a long one—it’s the job of the marketer to continue to nurture and grow the relationship..  The best way to do that is to not just throw information at them but, rather, to engage them in the content.  Ask their opinions, test their skills, feed them new information and provide them the tools to benchmark how they are doing, and– why not?– run a few contests or promotions to show them you care and value their input.  Eloqua manages the relationship.  SnapApp allows you to create the great content.  It’s the perfect Valentine’s match.

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