Winter Is Coming: 20 Holidays to Inspire Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

December 6, 2018 | Elizabeth Rivelli

Do you remember what you were doing at this exact moment last month? I know, it seems like an eternity ago, especially as we approach the end of the year. Let’s look at it through a different lens–do you remember how you celebrated Halloween?

Chances are, the answer to the second question was a no-brainer. That’s because holidays provide stronger, more significant connections to specific days or points in time. They serve as landmarks in our lives that are often emotionally-driven and stand out more prominently in our memories.

As marketers, connecting with our audience around holidays and seasonal themes is one of the best ways to establish relationships, build buzz and kick start conversations. As consumers, it’s also why the best holiday campaigns tug at our heart strings and get us every time.     

If you’re looking for holiday inspiration this season, we have you covered. Check out this list of common and quirky holidays that you can leverage in your winter marketing strategies.

12/2: Chanukkah
12/7: National Letter Writing Day
12/13: National Ice Cream Day
12/21: National Ugly Sweater Day
12/25: Christmas
12/28: National Call a Friend Day
12/31: New Year’s Eve

1/1: New Year’s Day
1/4: Trivia Day
1/14: National Dress Up Your Pet Day
1/21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
1/25: Opposite Day
1/28: National Fun at Work Day
1/31: National Hot Chocolate Day

2/2: Groundhog Day
2/3: Super Bowl Sunday
2/9: National Pizza Day
2/14: Valentine’s Day
2/17: Random Act of Kindness Day
2/18: President’s Day

Successful holiday marketing requires planning in advance, creating the right content, defining the right cadence for your campaign, and establishing a plan for measurement. But with the right tools, it’s as easy as Pie Day (January 23, for curious minds).

Ready to start a warm conversation with your audience this winter? Download our Winter Campaign Planning Worksheet to help develop your holiday marketing strategies, from ideation to results.

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