The Writing’s on the Wall: Starting a Conversation With Interactive Content

The Writing’s on the Wall: Starting a Conversation With Interactive Content

Pretty sweet whiteboard poll, am I right? Not to mention the quality of the picture – A+.

Other than showing off SnapApp’s knowledge of three popular 4th of July celebration activities, why are we posting this picture and talking about it? I’ll tell you.

Last week, SnapApp hosted our first Boston Marketo User Group in our new office space! Along with SnapApp, speakers from Wistia, Uberflip, and KoMarketing presented to a room full of Marketo enthusiasts on how to amplify their marketing automation platforms with different forms of content campaigns.


Us being full supporters of content-enabled campaigns featuring interactive assets, we drew up some interactive polls around the meeting space for visitors to engage with before the presentations began.

Apart from using these as ice-breaker attractions for office visitors (as well as a reminder of our platform’s poll and survey creation features), we also used them to exemplify, in the 3D tangible world, what you can do with your digital content.

Starting a Conversation

Like new website visitors coming from a social post or a blog, we wanted to welcome our office visitors with invitations to participate with our space. Apart from them being Marketo users or having Marketo interest, we didn’t know much about them.

So upon their exploration of our event space, we wanted to start a conversation and learn more.

Marketo User groupPoll1.JPG


Creating a Personalized Experience

In addition to allowing our visitors to participate with the event space, the insight learned helped us inform the rest of the evening.

1. Visitors were interested in networking, so we made sure to leave plenty of time for that after the presentations.

2. We referenced the “fireworks and chill” preference to kick off SnapApp’s presentation.

3. And we gained Gus some more fans and superlatives.

We wouldn't have been able to do any of those things without the data we gathered through these analog polls. The same is true of your website – how can you personalize an experience without knowing who your visitor is and what they’re looking for?

While these particular initiatives are on a very basic level, applying interaction opportunities like this to your digital content builds on your ability to create more personalized, relevant experiences.

In the 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report by Demand Gen Report, they confirmed the importance of having these type of experiences front and center.

“While factors like easy access to pricing and search and navigation tools are important, respondents said the single most influential aspect of any vendor’s website is ‘relevant content that speaks directly to [my] company.’ In fact, 69% said it was ‘very important,’ while 27% said it was ‘somewhat important.’”

Putting Interactive Content in Action

So how can this affect your content strategies? You already have everything you need. Interactive content can be applied to an assortment of material like ebooks, whitepapers, and infographics (to just name a few).

Offering interactive experiences provides friendlier engagement opportunities for your visitors in more bite-sized portions. Think of taking key sections from an ebook and making an assessment or quiz out of them to help guide visitors to what they’re looking for.

Campaigns built with these assets involved create more data touchpoints that fuel your marketing automation platform with increased lead insight.


And as much as marketers need their content to stand out and capture their audience’s attention, sales teams need that content to produce and distinguish high quality leads.

Just as we used our wall polls to learn some introductory interests from our event visitors, the same approach can be used for all different stages of the funnel – getting more and more granular further into the funnel. A total win-win.


Always Learning

Last week’s user group at SnapApp was just the first of many! We were excited by how many members of our audience were interested in starting a conversation and personalizing their marketing. We’ll be doing more and more demand gen and content clinics in the upcoming months at the SnapApp office, so stay tuned Boston-area marketers and visitors.

We’re all about creating dialogues at SnapApp both for marketers and their audiences, and for the marketing community at large.

If you’re interested in learning a whole lot more about using interactive content in your campaigns, take our quiz below – and subscribe to the SnapApp blog!

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