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What is Multichannel Marketing: An A-Z Guide (with Strategies & Examples)

There’s a reason why you’re never more than five streets away from a Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan. The more locations, the more opportunities Dunkin Donuts has to sell you a syrupy shot of caffeine...

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A Simple 6 Step Guide to Building a Well-Oiled B2B Lead Generation Funnel

Four salesmen sit amidst brimming ashtrays and unused phones. Their eyes are weary and faces tight. A large green chalkboard full of meaningless names taunts them.    “Put that coffee down,” shouts a man as he cuts through the smoky room.    Yes, this is a famous scene from the movie Glengarry... Read More

The Millennials Are Here! Announcing Our New Research on Generational Buying Differences

  Stories of the “entitled Millennial” at work, helicopter parents, and their pervasive desire to be considered special are pretty standard clickbait all across the internet today.   With these type of headlines dominating the storyline of what Millennials are up to, it’s easy to consider them... Read More

43 Execs Explain How Millennials Impact B2B Buying Committees

  Today’s buying committees are diverse; Millennials are already taking their seats among Generation X and Baby Boomers at the buying table, making navigating the already complicated buying environment even harder thanks to their different preferences.   Though this shift might seem minor, it... Read More

The Engagement Gap: 3 Insights on How Marketers are Missing the Mark (and What to Do About It)

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “engagement gap?”   If you’re a marketer, the engagement gap might be the reality of your day-to-day work, trying to hustle to find smart ways to reach your audience, grab attention, and get them to take an action. Not easy in a market where consumers... Read More


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