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Bringing Landing Pages to Life With Animation

Landing pages, whether they like it or not, are still the primary conversion source for marketers. Unfortunately, audiences are getting bored. With the amount of standard, status quo landing pages...

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Acquiring Customers with SnapApp Just Got Even Easier...Introducing Our Newest Lead Generation Tools!

Giving its users a way to engage and acquire customers has been SnapApp's motto since its inception. SnapApp continues to build on that guiding principle with the latest addition to its platform - a set of self-service tools that enable SnapApp users to design their own quiz-based lead generation... Read More Uses SnapApp to Engage Teens on

All day today,, a project by the?Inspire USA Foundation, will be running their custom made personality test app on the homepage. The personality test, "What Kind of Friend Are You?" is designed to engage the teen and tween audience that primarily composes's... Read More

SnapApp @ AdTech:SF | AdTech Attendees Sound Off

SnapApp will be exhibiting at this year's AdTech conference in San Francisco, CA. As we gear up for the?conference?we'll be conducting a series of polls aimed at fellow exhibitors and attendees. We're asking everyone to sound off on topics ranging from social media trends to specific AdTech... Read More

Introduction to Facebook Marketing: Part 1 - Anatomy of a Facebook Page

Many new and existing companies are looking to Facebook as a way to market to customers affordably and effectively. You may be familiar with Facebook because you have a personal account, but may not know all the great ways you can market your company using Facebook. That's where the "Introduction... Read More


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