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How to Nail B2B CTAs: Email, Social, Blog, & Web

  The call-to-action (CTA) is a core component of any marketing effort today, especially within the B2B space. Without one, how do you expect your target audience to do what you need them to do...

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What Exactly Are Facebook's Contest Rules?

Have you ever ?liked? a picture to help a friend win a photo?contest on Facebook? If so, you may have contributed to a company's Facebook?delinquency. Promotions and contests are awesome ways to drive traffic to?your Facebook brand page. Many brands successfully utilize such promotions?to do just... Read More

The Best Content for Quality Customers: Education as Marketing

Education is the new ad copy. Once upon a time, ad copy was all about telling the most believable lies to the most gullible people. This kept up until consumer protection laws put a stop to the practice during the first half of the 20th century. Quality came next. For decades, manufacturers and... Read More

Facebook Page with Timeline: Set Yours Up w/this Video Tutorial

Yesterday, Facebook released the long-anticipated Timeline for Facebook Pages which brings along with it, many new features and changes that page managers need to be aware of. Don't get overwhelmed! Many of the changes will make promoting your brand easier, and nicer to look at! Plus, with this... Read More

Facebook's New Timeline for Brand Pages: What You Need to Know

Get your Free Facebook Landing Page App for Timeline from SnapApp by registering for an account. As of this morning, Facebook rolled out yet another new feature - Timeline for Brand Pages. This feature allows businesses to not only follow the up-and-coming Timeline trend on Facebook, but to reach... Read More


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