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10 Everyday Struggles Of A Digital Marketing Team

Guest post by Dario Supan, content strategist and editor at Point Visible, a digital marketing agency. When he isn't neck deep in outreach projects and editorial calendars, you will most likely find...

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The Cell Phone Crowd - Why (Mobile Optimized) Content is King

When email became widespread during the late 1990s, the gold rush was on. Such inexpensive, wide reach for marketing was previously unheard of -- and advertisers worldwide rushed to adopt it. The adoption of mobile devices has created the same frenzied atmosphere, and it's creating new... Read More

SOPA and PIPA versus? the Internet

Two new anti-piracy bills will go before Congress this month, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protest IP Act (PIPA). The internet is buzzing with concern: what are they for and what does it mean for the United States? The House?s Stop Online Piracy Act targets?individual internet users... Read More

The Wrong Way to Run a QR Code Campaign

Lately, QR Codes are popping up everywhere. Magazines are?full of them. Retailers like Best Buy have codes on nearly every product. But,?just because they are available doesn't mean that customers will use them and they link to information that is worthy of the time it takes to view. Take a moment... Read More

Become Your Own Social Media Expert: Enter to Win 3 Top Social Media Training Books

At SnapApp, we want to empower you to succeed in your social media marketing efforts. That's why we're running a special Facebook sweepstakes, The Social Media Training Library Giveaway. ?The winner of this Facebook sweepstakes will receive three of the best social media marketing books by industry... Read More


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