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Interactive Content: The Next Frontier for SEO

The role that content marketing plays in SEO has become more and more evident within the last five years. In order to be truly successful in SEO, you need a content marketing strategy in place.  ...

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Pangea Media SnapApp Announcement Selected One of Top Ten Announcements at ad:tech San Francisco

Pangea Media Announces SnapApp Platform for Engaging Customers and Generating Leads SnapApp allows companies to create custom quizzes, surveys, polls contests and sweepstakes and distribute them on Facebook, Twitter, in IAB ad units, on mobile devices, and on their own websites Boston and San... Read More

SnapApp @ ad:tech SF | Results of our Poll Series

Over the last few weeks SnapApp has been running a series of polls aimed at the attendees of the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, CA. Our polls were hosted on the SnapApp Facebook page in a dedicated tab and we shared polls on our Facebook wall and among our Twitter followers. Now that ad:tech... Read More

SnapApp to Attend ad:tech San Francisco 2011

We are finalizing all of the details as we look forward to next week and ad:tech San Francisco!? Everyone registered? Check. New booth panels? Check. Flights booked?? Check. ?Business cards?? Oops. Gotta get on that! If you aren?t up to speed on our latest features (see our post on lead generation... Read More

Determining the Voice of ?The Brand? within Social Media

As marketers we have worked diligently to refine every aspect of ?The Brand. What it represents, the perception of our audience, the tone, and the resulting brand ethos. Social media brings new challenges because the medium is so flexible and opens one up to many communication vehicles, only... Read More


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