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Marketing Ops Survival Guide: 10 Marketo Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Marketing automation is the engine behind modern marketing, connecting carefully crafted content to expertly orchestrated demand gen campaigns, all with the ultimate goal of funneling the best leads...

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Facebook vs Google+: What's the Difference?

When Google announced its latest foray into the social media sphere, many marketers wondered if the search giant would raise the social bar with Google+ or if it would be just another social network. Google did one thing right from the start: The company managed to create a tremendous amount of... Read More

Interactive Content vs. Static Content

In education, the difference between interactive and static materials is clear: interactive is simply better, and always worth the investment if your budget allows. In the world of internet marketing, the differential isn't as simple. Interactive content can engage more sets of eyes -- and keep... Read More

Got Klout? Your Klout Score and What it Means

Only a decade ago, Facebook was still the domain of college students, and Twitter hadn't yet been created. Now these sites and other social media tools have become some of the primary vehicles through which businesses communicate to their consumers. But how do companies evaluate the effectiveness... Read More

77% of Those Who Entered the Martha Stewart Living Sweepstakes Said YES to Opt-In Offers

Martha Stewart used SnapApp to create a compelling Facebook sweepstakes. Martha's Ultimate Fan sweepstakes featured a grand prize that included a trip for 2 to see "The Martha Stewart Show" live in New York City, including round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, lunch at one of Martha's favorite... Read More


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