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10 Everyday Struggles Of A Digital Marketing Team

Guest post by Dario Supan, content strategist and editor at Point Visible, a digital marketing agency. When he isn't neck deep in outreach projects and editorial calendars, you will most likely find...

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How to Leverage Your Facebook Fan Page Welcome Tab

For marketers, Facebook can be a powerful referrer. Believe it or not, for some publishers, like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Facebook has surpassed Google as a traffic source. At face value, one measure of a brand's social media health is its number of Facebook fans. As time passes, only a portion of... Read More

Online Publishing Glossary and Terms

The Internet is transforming the language of traditional publishing. With the surging popularity of blogs, online news, virtual magazines, and interactive social media, technology is evolving to engage a range of user types?from mobile users to social gamers and casual conversationalists.... Read More

Increase Unique Visitors: Part One of the "5 Ways Publishers Can Pump Up Web Revenues" Guide

Feeling the pressure to create interactive and unique experiences for your audience online? By moving people from passively consuming site content to actively engaging in a rich experience, you encourage them to spend more time on your site.?And the longer they are on your site, the more likely... Read More

New-and-Improved SnapApp Analytics, and New Twitter Buttons!

There is a new version of SnapApp today, hot off the presses!? Today's update adds some great new functionality to analytics, and enhances SnapApp's integration with Twitter. SnapApp Analytics Overhaul Based on newly available technology and lots of great input from our customers, SnapApp analytics... Read More


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