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What is Multichannel Marketing: An A-Z Guide (with Strategies & Examples)

There’s a reason why you’re never more than five streets away from a Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan. The more locations, the more opportunities Dunkin Donuts has to sell you a syrupy shot of caffeine...

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Best Practices for Running a Sweepstakes

A sweepstakes is a contest or promotion that offers a grand prize. Users submit an entry form containing their contact information, and are entered to win. Leverage the ?thank you? page post entry to encourage email opt-ins, social sharing and cross-promotion. Magic Beans, an infant clothing... Read More

SnapApp was "Main Dish" and "Dessert" at WebInno31

Pangea Media CEO Seth Lieberman led a well-attended (~800 people!) session last night at? at WebInno31 , part of Future M week here in Boston. SnapApp was one of the main dish presentations and, many commented, dessert as well! Seth led a great session where he talked-- and demoed-?about how... Read More

Viral Lift - How to Master the Art of Viral Marketing

Viral Lift Before we created the SnapApp marketing platform for our customers, Pangea Media operated a network of quiz and sweepstakes sites of our own. Our business was centered on building great interactive content, driving traffic to that content, and generating advertising revenue from that... Read More

5 Easy Ways You Can Get More Facebook Fans

Your Facebook Page is humming with updates, news, and posts. But how much of your target audience is viewing this information? There are a few simple, but effective ways to increase the number of your Facebook fans. 1. Incent users to Like your page before they can access fun content! "Like-... Read More


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