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25 Shocking Stats about Demand Gen in 2018

When it comes to demand generation, it can feel like you’re moving in the dark. Unsure of what other companies are doing and seeing success with, you only have your own data set to pull from when...

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Driving Print Subscribers to Your Site With QR Codes

Glance at a print advertisement, a sticker on a product, or some direct mail marketing and you may see a black and white square that looks like someone was scribbling. It's called a QR (for quick response) code -- a two-dimensional barcode that is the new hot thing in mobile marketing. QR codes... Read More

Should Your Business Join Google+?

Google+, the social network launched by the world's pre-eminent search engine, seeks to re-define how information is shared on the web. Specifically, Google+ aims to make it easy to categorize your social network and be conscientiously selective about what information you'd like to share and with... Read More

Social Media Measurement and Analysis: What Metrics to Track and Why

There are many components to an effective social media marketing campaign--conveying your message,?targeting?your audience, reaching new customers and more. How do you know if your social media efforts are getting the results you want? Tracking Your Social Media Campaign Anytime you distribute... Read More

Best Practices for Posting Across Social Networks

Social media is evolving to?accommodate?a range of personalities. While Twitter appeals to casual conversationalists, LinkedIn attracts professional network-builders. Meanwhile, marketers think of Facebook as content-driven?with brand pages intersecting with friendships and close communities. Then... Read More


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