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Marketing Ops Survival Guide: 10 Marketo Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Marketing automation is the engine behind modern marketing, connecting carefully crafted content to expertly orchestrated demand gen campaigns, all with the ultimate goal of funneling the best leads...

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5 Easy Ways You Can Get More Facebook Fans

Your Facebook Page is humming with updates, news, and posts. But how much of your target audience is viewing this information? There are a few simple, but effective ways to increase the number of your Facebook fans. 1. Incent users to Like your page before they can access fun content! "Like-... Read More

Case Study: Campaign Success for

What is the key to successfully increasing page views, time on site, and viral traffic? Personality quizzes from SnapApp, according to Objective Hollywood Life was interested in adding a format to their website that was just as dynamic and exciting as the industry they were... Read More

How To Learn More About Your Customers With a Personality Test

Quizzes, particularly personality tests, are an immensely popular way to engage your users. You already know that an engaging personality test both entertains your users and generates viral buzz for your company,?but did you know they can provide you with insightful, personal information about your... Read More

"Like Gating" for Facebook Apps

Yesterday, we released a much-anticipated new feature for SnapApp Facebook apps: "Like Gating."? When you enable this feature, users are required to like your Facebook page in order to access your app. This is a great way to get more likes for your Facebook page. Benefits of like gating Like... Read More


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