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What is Multichannel Marketing: An A-Z Guide (with Strategies & Examples)

There’s a reason why you’re never more than five streets away from a Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan. The more locations, the more opportunities Dunkin Donuts has to sell you a syrupy shot of caffeine...

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Introduction to Facebook Marketing: Part 1 - Anatomy of a Facebook Page

Many new and existing companies are looking to Facebook as a way to market to customers affordably and effectively. You may be familiar with Facebook because you have a personal account, but may not know all the great ways you can market your company using Facebook. That's where the "Introduction... Read More

Goodbye, FBML. Hello, iframes.

Today, Facebook will finalize their implementation of the new and improved version of Pages, which began on February 10th. Several of our customers have contacted us the past few days asking us what it means for them. With respect to SnapApp, there is no need to worry, because SnapApp already uses... Read More

How To Conduct Your Own Market Research

Market research questionnaires can provide very helpful and informative feedback from your current and potential customers. However, that data often comes at a premium cost. You can save money by conducting the market research on your own, it's easier than you think. SnapApp provides the... Read More

SnapApp Spotlight: Tracy Gets Social (Gaming)

By day, she furiously writes code for SnapApp. But by night, Tracy turns into Sarah Darkmagic, ruler of the D&D universe and designer of D&D gaming sessions for players world wide. As a senior developer of the SnapApp platform, Tracy works closely with our product development team and our... Read More


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