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Marketing Ops Survival Guide: 10 Marketo Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Marketing automation is the engine behind modern marketing, connecting carefully crafted content to expertly orchestrated demand gen campaigns, all with the ultimate goal of funneling the best leads...

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VGMarket uses SnapApp to Generate Leads on

VGMarket Surveys is using SnapApp technology to generate fresh leads and register users to provide marketing feedback for their online surveys on games and gaming. In order to incentivize users to sign up for their program, they created the "Which Super Mario Brothers Character Are You?"... Read More

Make Your Online Display Ads More Effective with SnapApp

With average click-through rates plummeting to between .2 and .3%, it's no surprise that achieving ROI goals through traditional online display ads has become increasingly difficult. Most banner ads push a message to the user in a way that other content on the page (articles, videos, games, forums... Read More

Pangea Media First to Market with Quiz, Poll, and Survey Platform Accessible to Facebook Mobile Users

SnapApp marketing platform for customer engagement and acquisition allows marketers to reach their audience no matter where they are or what device they are using including those with IOS and Android operating systems Boston - April 27, 2011. Pangea Media, the largest quiz and quiz technology... Read More

SnapApp for Mobile Phones, Facebook News Feeds, and Mobile Facebook Users

There are over 500 million active Facebook users, and over 600 million active smartphone users, globally. These are very appealing audiences for marketers who want to engage users and acquire customers, but the technological challenges are considerable. While your own web site is sort of a blank... Read More


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