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Marketing Ops Survival Guide: 10 Marketo Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Marketing automation is the engine behind modern marketing, connecting carefully crafted content to expertly orchestrated demand gen campaigns, all with the ultimate goal of funneling the best leads...

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SnapApp Spotlight: Tracy Gets Social (Gaming)

By day, she furiously writes code for SnapApp. But by night, Tracy turns into Sarah Darkmagic, ruler of the D&D universe and designer of D&D gaming sessions for players world wide. As a senior developer of the SnapApp platform, Tracy works closely with our product development team and our... Read More

Building for Customers: 3 Factors That Will Help You Launch Your Product Quickly

At, we take pride in building products that will continue to WOW our customers. Because we are a very data driven company, we adhere to consistent measurements of many Key Performance Indicators as prioritized by the Product Development team. Now, I don't want to go into all the geeky... Read More

Unicode Support in SnapApp

Today we released support for Unicode characters in SnapApp. Unicode characters are special characters, beyond the set you find on your standard keyboard, and they are necessary for many foreign languages.?? This enhancement means that you can now create SnapApp content in nearly all of the World's... Read More

App Deployment to Facebook Pages is Here!

SnapApp applications can now be deployed to the new Facebook Pages. Facebook's recent update to Pages for businesses and organizations made it possible to install third-party apps with rich styling and functionality, like SnapApp, directly onto a tab of your Facebook page. Starting today, any... Read More


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