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[Bracket] The Most Awesome Animals of the Internet: Winner Announcement!

A champ has been crowned. Several weeks ago, as legend has it, a small-to-medium size discussion broke out before a SnapApp marketing meeting about which animal of the internet would win in a match-...

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Interactive Content: The Secret Sauce for Award-Winning Campaigns

It’s events and awards season in marketing land and I can tell by my packed calendar – it seems like not a week goes by in the spring without a show where some of the big names in our space will be attending. We recently came back from a great event in Scottsdale – B2BMarketingExchange – where we... Read More

33 Problems You Probably Have if You’re a B2B Marketer

When you work in B2B marketing, either knowingly or not, you join a certain community. In this community, we all have a certain frame of reference where our experiences overlap. Sometimes these experiences are great. Sometimes, not so great. The point is you’re not alone. B2B marketing is tough,... Read More

Marketing Madness: The Most Awesome Animals of the Internet Bracket

March is upon us. What does that mean? Well, there’s Daylight Savings Day (sunlight!). There’s St. Patrick's Day (Irish things!). There’s Pi Day (3.14159…!). There’s the first day of Spring (more sunlight!). Oh, and there’s a little basketball tournament that get’s some buzz. The basketball thing... Read More

SnapApp’s New Product Release, Canopy: A Whole New Habitat for Creating Interactive Content

Today is the day – the latest SnapApp release has launched, and it’s beautiful!   Through countless conversations with our customers and a wide assortment of marketers, we gathered up the feedback and aimed the Canopy release at one key objective: making interactive content creation as easy as... Read More


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