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What Is an ROI Calculator? And How They Drive B2B Lead Generation

ROI (return on investment) calculators are not only one of the most effective content types today – they’re easier and more cost-effective than ever to create.   With no special coding skills at...

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White Paper Alternatives for the Savvy B2B Marketer

Sometimes you get tired of the conventional lead-gated eBook/ white paper and you need something fresh that piques the interest of your audience. And as a B2B marketer, you’re constantly thinking of new ways you can relate to your audience on a more human level.   Why? Because effective marketing... Read More

April Release: We Just Added Hundreds of Thousands of Free Stock Photos

One of our missions at SnapApp this year is to help you find the best design for your SnapApps by expanding the resources available in the product.   We took a huge first step at the start of the year with our Canopy release, which helped make it easier to build and turn your interactive concepts... Read More

Solving the 9 Most Common Marketing Problems With Interactive Content

Every day, marketers face new challenges that are unique to their companies and customers. However, it’s safe to say most can bond over a few of the more common marketing problems: Things like lagging website conversion rates, sales funnel underperformance, and poor lead conversion. We’ve all been... Read More

A Marketing Fitness Plan to Improve Your Content Strategy

A healthy marketing program is much like a healthy exercise regimen. If you let it go to the wayside, you’ll lose strength and flexibility over time – and your marketing strategy will get pudgy around the middle. Marketing fitness requires an ongoing commitment to evaluating your results, checking... Read More


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