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Bringing Landing Pages to Life With Animation

Landing pages, whether they like it or not, are still the primary conversion source for marketers. Unfortunately, audiences are getting bored. With the amount of standard, status quo landing pages...

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Interactive Storytelling: How to Make Your Content Strategy Soar in 2017 (with Examples and Stats)

One of the keys to content marketing success is differentiation. How can you provide unique value nobody else is offering? For a long time, “content marketing” was seen as a daily 500 word blog post. That's it. You'd build a massive audience with nothing more than a topical focus and consistent... Read More

Interactive Content Can’t Be a One-off: A Tale From the Trenches

Ever have a home run of an idea? A new concept that you got the greenlight for, put it into execution, and, while you got a some really positive results, in the end, not everyone was fully convinced? Even in my pre-SnapApp days, I knew interactive content was a great idea for B2B marketing. And it... Read More

13 Creative Marketing Brackets That Are NOT About Basketball

March Madness season is approaching … and some of us (ahem) aren’t huge basketball fans. Good thing there are a lot of creative marketers out there coming up with alternative tournament brackets for us weirdos! If, like me, you’re not a sports enthusiast, you might not even know what a bracket is... Read More

Why Interactive Content Matters for Agencies

Marketers are looking for fresh new ideas to engage with their audiences and often work closely with marketing agencies to create and drive interesting new content and campaigns. I spoke with Mike Mitchell, who heads up SnapApp’s Agency Partner Program, about what challenges agencies are facing... Read More


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